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How Kenyans are making money online from Aviator

Ever tried out PakaKumi or JetX before? Well, think of Aviator as its cousin. Here’s how it works; while playing Aviator, you are placing a guess on where a virtual airplane’s voyage will end. Each round of the game kicks off with you putting down one bet or two before the flight of the plane begins on the screen. On the plane’s journey, a number pops up showing how much you could win. This number, also known as a multiplier, gets bigger the longer the plane stays flying. But remember, you need to pull out your winnings before the plane disappears from the screen.

How to play Aviator and win

Winning here is all based on your game plan. Let’s see two ways you can do this:

Double Betting:-

“Double Bet” method is a common one here. With this, you’re setting two bets at the same time. One bet is lined up to cash out at 1.5 times your first bet, which gives you a safe, small win. The second bet aims to cash out at a bigger number, hoping for a larger win. You can make this happen by using the auto-cashout feature with two different bets.

Doubling After a Loss:-

Think about making your bet bigger if you lose a round. This plan, often known as “Martingale betting,” includes doubling your bet after each loss. The thought here is that at some point, you’ll hit a lucky streak, and when you do, you’ll earn back what you lost and make a profit.

Watching the Trend: 

Aviator works on random numbers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t see patterns. It’s frequent for players to just watch the game for a bit before putting down any bets. By chilling and watching the trends, you might see repeated patterns or trends that can guide you with your bets.

Is there a trick?

Look, in Aviator if you’re only betting on the lower multipliers, you’re more likely to win. That’s because the chance for the plane to reach a multiplier of 1.30x is much higher than reaching 13x.

How to play?

Find a reliable online betting site: Look out for a trusted online betting platform that features the Aviator game. Make sure to pick a site that is permitted and run in your country.

Get an account: On the site you pick, sign up for an account by giving the info they ask for, like your name, email address, and how you would like to pay.

Fill up your account: Add money to your account by depositing money using one of the payment methods the site offers. Check if they have a ‘minimum deposit’ rule.

Look for the Aviator game: After money is in your account, find the Aviator game in the site’s menu. You’ll find it in categories like “Live Games,” “Casino Games,” or “Betting Games.”

Learn the game: Before playing, try to understand the basics of the Aviator game. The point of the game is to bet when to cash out before the plane crashes.

Place your bet: Decide on an amount to bet that the game allows. Once decided, bet!

Watch the game: After you’re in the game, the flight will start. The longer the plane is flying, the more you could win. But remember, you have to cash out before the plane crashes.

Cash out or wait: You can cash out any time during the flight, collecting the winnings based on where the plane is right then. Waiting longer could give you more winnings, but if the plane crashes before you cash out, you lose.

Play again or leave: Up to you, you can play another round with new bet or take your winnings out of your account.