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Ainea Ojiambo Biography, Age, Career And Shooting Incident

Ainea Ojiambo is a successful Kenyan actor with about two decades of experience in the acting industry. He has featured in a number of films locally and has played roles in two successful Hollywood films. In Kenya, many people got to know him after he played the role of Snake in the popular Makutano Junction series and also Jack Zollo: My Life in Crime. 

The actor oozes talent and whatever roles he takes on the screens seem very believable. He remains one of the most talented actors in Kenya. 


Ainea was born on 20th April 1970.


Like many other Kenyan actors, he began his acting career working at stage plays.

In 2004, he got the opportunity to play in a successful Hollywood film called The Constant Gardener which was directed by Fernando Meirelles. The film was critically acclaimed and a box office success that went on to be nominated for the Oscar. He played police driver which was a minor role.

In 2007, he acted as Snake in the famous series Makutano junction, a film that was a total hit with the Kenyan audience.

After the Makutano junction series, he went on to act in two more television series, one of them being Noose of Gold. In Noose of Gold, he was the lead actor named Ole Mpisha. The soap aired for three seasons on African Magic Channel.

In 2010, he got yet another opportunity to take part in a Hollywood film, The First Grader, where he played a supporting role as an Education Officer. This was a biographical drama film directed by Justin Chadwick. 

He has also played in a number of other films including:

  • Toto Millionaire as Supa
  • Block D as Chinedum
  • The Rugged Priest as Ole Shompole
  • Nairobi Half life as Officer Mutua
  • Sumu La Penzi as Victor 
  • Bullion as Doc
  • Fundi-mentals as Doc
  • Kina as detective Juma
  • After the Harvest II as Wilson
  • Kahawa Black as Steven Wamba
  • Jack Zollo: My Life in Crime. 

Con story

Approximately one out of 5 Kenyans have been conned at one point in their life and the actor is one of them. During a promo episode on Janjaruka Series, he gave an account of how his love for gold ended up costing him Ksh20,000 of his hard earned money. The 51-year-old had always wanted to own gold and he met someone who promised to get him the original thing at Ksh20,000.

Of course, he told the person to test it out before parting with the cash. The person tested it by first burning it with a cigarette lighter followed by pouring battery acid on it. The gold stayed intact and he was assured it was the real deal. Imagine his shock when he decided to bathe with the gold chain one day and the gold washed off leaving him with a silver chain. 



On 30th April 2021, K24 reported that police were investigating an incident where a security guard was shot and killed along Moi Avenue. The incident involved Ainea Ojiambo. According to reports, he was talking to a lady when he was accosted by two thugs who allegedly tried to snatch his gold chain. Ojiambo removed his gun and fired at the thugs who took off upon seeing the gun. Unfortunately, he missed the target and shot a security guard instead. A stray bullet also hit a passer-by and the actor was taken in for questioning.