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Akasha Brothers Net Worth And Properties They Own

The Akasha brothers will be spending a very long time in a United States prison. That’s the reality. When the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) come calling, you are guilty as sin. And reality is dawning on the duo who have started talking; mentioning judges, politicians and law enforcers who aided their trade. The ‘ratting’ is in the hope of getting lighter sentences.

47 year Baktash Akasha and his younger sibling Ibrahim Akasha, 29, pleaded guilty to six counts of drug trafficking and corruption charges when they appeared in a New York court. The charges include distribution of methamphetamine and heroine and conspiracy to import drugs to the United States.

Before their extradition, the brothers-like their late father before them, rode roughshod on whoever crossed them. Their notoriety and violent streak was well known. And they pocketed powerful administrators and paid off the judiciary. Simply put, Baktash Akasha and Ibrahim Akasha were untouchables.

Drug Trade
The Akasha family is synonymous with the deadly drug trade. Little was known of the family until 1996 when Ibrahim Akasha was brought to court on drug trafficking charges. Akasha was the typical drug lord who was quick on the trigger if you played him. In 1999 he abducted his agent, a Yugoslav, for failing to pay for a drug consignment. The agent was affiliated to Sam Klopper gang, a notorious Dutch gang.

Akasha managed to squeeze USD 211,000 from the Dutch gang. This is pretty much what happens in the underworld of drug dealing. In 2000, Akasha was felled by an assassin bullet in Amsterdam-Magdi Barsoum who had invited him to the Netherlands is believed to have pulled the trigger.

His sons did not take long to fit into their dad’s shoes.

Baktash Akasha Abdallah was the new boss with his brother being the second in command. The brothers did not take long to get noticed by the DEA and you don’t want to be in the radar of those relentless DEA.

In November 2014, the US government requested the extradition of the two drug lords. The DEA finally arrested the brothers in a sting operation that involved a few trusted Kenyan police officers.

Then in 2018, the Akasha’s were flown to the US. The brothers face a minimum of 10 years and a maximum sentence of life in a foreign country.

Properties owned by the Akasha brother

Using the proceeds of drug money, the Akasha’s lived the life of the very rich. Here are some of their properties
Property worth kes250 million that has since been seized by the government
Eight houses in posh estates in Nairobi
Luxury boat
10 top of the range cars
Two bank accounts holding 19 million

Net worth
The net worth of the Akasha’s is estimated at kes20 billion.

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