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ENA Coach Bus Owners, Contact Details, Routes And Fares

Who owns ENA Coach bus and shuttle company? Before this writer delves on the owners of ENA Coach, let’s look at what this new kid on the block has to offer and if its introduction will mean a death knell to its predecessor.

Introducing ENA Coach
ENA Coach bus and shuttle company is a replica of Transline Bus. Simply put, ENA morphed from Transline which has and is still operational since 2010. The latter started with the same gusto we are seeing from ENA; the services were good, passengers we even offered free water and it dominated the Nairobi-Kisii-Migori route for a very long time.

Complaints from passengers
Then passengers started making noise. One of the oft repeated complaint was the entitled staff who lacked the requisite customer care training. They even withdrew the free bottled water-though cheap it meant something to travelers. Passengers opted for Modern Coast that has introduced additional buses on the route.
Another complaint that featured prominently was their booking offices that lacked a waiting lounge and were crammed most of the time.

Morphing to ENA Coach
ENA Coach will be a dominant player in the coming years. The introduction of the buses was perfectly timed; when most Kenyans are planning to travel upcountry for Christmas and new year festivities. The company 49 seater buses and 11 seater shuttles are well spaced to guarantee passengers comfort and their fares are competitive. And bottled water is back again but we don’t know for how long.

Booking office
The company has a booking office and waiting lounge and it’s good. It’s older sibling-Transline-had one of the most chaotic booking and waiting lounge-only better than Machakos bus terminus. The lounge has a TV and fairly comfortable seats.

Professional staff
Time will tell how professional their employees are or they brought their bad manners to ENA Coaches from Transline.

Courier Services
According to ENA Coach, the company has worked a partnership with Explorer Parcel Handlers (EPH) in their bid to offer ‘exemplary services’.

Routes covered
The company covers over 30 routes within Kenyan borders and is working on extending its services to the larger East Africa community.

Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Homa Bay, Migori, Sirare, Kehancha, Kisii, Oyugis, Narok, Soti, Kijauri, Keroka, Nyachenge, Rongo, Awendo, Rodi, Kopany and Sori.

The introductory fare was kes800; fare to most routes is kes1000

Booking online
You can now book online. This will be convenient as one can book from the comfort of his home, office or wherever he is.

Main office
ENA main office is in KPCU Building Wakulima House, Ground Floor Along Haile Selassie Avenue. You can reach them via phone on 041226620.

Owners of the bus
According to ENA Coach official website, the company is being run by ENA Investment Limited. ENA Coaches belong to Evans Nyagaka Anyona. EN-Evans and Anyona.

ENA Coach portends a slow death of Transline unless some investors decide to take over its operation.