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HomenewsAllan Wanga: Ex-Harambee Stars Striker Reflects On Sofapaka Move That Earned Him...

Allan Wanga: Ex-Harambee Stars Striker Reflects On Sofapaka Move That Earned Him Ksh 2 Million Signing Bonus, Ksh 160K Monthly Salary

Former Harambee Stars player Allan Wanga has spoken on his unprecedented move to Sofapaka FC in 2010.

Local publications reported that the striker joined Sofapaka FC on temporary basis following his inability to acquire a deal in Georgia’s FC Olimpi Rustavi.

“Being at Sofapaka is a temporary move for me to keep fit as I await the January transfer window, Besides Sofapaka is a great team and very professional in the region,” Wanga said.

In an interview on Iko Nini Podcast, Wanga discussed the move stating that he had no plans to plans to join Sofapaka FC at the time.

He stated that he met the club’s chairman at City Stadium after which they planned a meeting over dinner.

They later met for dinner at a restaurant in Westlands where the Sofapaka FC chairman offered him Ksh 2 million to join the club.

Besides the pricey signing bonus, Wanga was also offered Ksh 160,000 monthly salary as a Sofapaka FC player.

“We agreed on a Ksh 160,000 monthly pay but he only paid me for a month. This was around the same time I was leaving for Vietnam,” Wanga said.

The former Harambe Stars left Sofapaka FC after two months to join HAGL FC where he scored seven league goals and two Cup goals.

He later left the V-league side to join AFC Leopards.

In a past interview, he said a rift between his agent and the club made him leave since he could not be registered for the new season in time.

“There was a conflict between the club and my agent and it took long for them to resolve and the window closed before I was registered. So the only option I had was to move on loan and I decided to join AFC Leopards

“Leopards has always been my dream club as my father also played for it in the 1970s and 80s and I have always dreamt of playing for the club. Fortunately the opportunity came at the right time,” Wanga explained.

Wanga grew up in Butere district in Western Kenya and went to Shikunga High School before starting his football career with Lolwe FC of Kisumu.

His vision of joining the army was never to be as he failed the army test and later joined Sher Karuturi before joining Tusker FC early 2007.

Along with his father Frank Wetende, Wanga is engaged in soccer and community development projects back in his home village and hopes to help many upcoming soccer players through his Allan Wanga foundation.

He currently works as Principal Sports Officer at Kakamega County Government.