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Members Of Alliance High School Board Of Management

Alliance High School has consistently been a top performer in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examination (KCSE). Students from this institution are the envy of many and candidates-even those whose performance is below average- sitting for their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) select Alliance High. Those who are selected to join the institution are almost guaranteed a slot in one of the Kenyan public universities.

Founded in 1924-and one of the four oldest secondary schools in Kenya-Alliance has produced who is who in the political realm of this country. Some of the alumni of Alliance High include:

George Anyona
John Keen (Kenya politician)
Ayisi Makatiani
Bernard Mate
Eliud Mathu
Kenneth Matiba
Joseph Maina Mungai
Njoroge Mungai
Ndiritu Muriithi
Kiraitu Murungi
Makau W. Mutua
Paul Ngei
Charles Njonjo
Appolo Ohanga
James Orengo
Bartonjo Rotich
Taaitta Toweett

Alliance High School Board of Management Members
Alliance High school has a rich history and a close knit old boys association that’s has ensured the ideals of the institution have remained intact over the years. And these old boys hold the school board of management accountable whenever they seem to derail as was the case in 2017 when cases of bullying were reported. That aside, the board has pretty much done an excellent job in the academic spheres and their overall supervisory role.
Here are board of management members:
Mr Donald W. Kaniaru-Chairman
Mr. Njenga Munene
Rev Canon Peter Karanja
Mr Ben Malonza
Mr. Sammy Ncheeri
Dr. Wilfred Kogo
Mr. Sammy Muita
Mrs. Clara Muriethi
Mrs. Pauline N.M Olali
Mrs Lilly Koros
Mr James Kabucho Kiruri
Mrs Gladys Olang
Mr. Peter Gisore
Eng. Joseph Njoroge
Mrs. Linah Kipto Lilan
Mr. Nicholas Ndwiga
Mr. James Kinyajui
These are the men and women who have been tasked with the leadership of Alliance High school and, except for the rare cases of indiscipline, have managed to maintain the high standards expected of a National school of such high caliber.