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Karen Hospital Consultation Fee, Maternity, ICU And Ward Bed Charges

Karen Hospital is in a posh neighborhood. The who is who in Kenya reside in Karen and form the bulk of clients at the state of the art hospital. Some of the big names who have been patients at this facility include former President Mwai Kibaki. Ex- Prime Minister Raila Odinga was a patient at the same hospital when he suffered a bout of food poisoning and list goes on and on. Simply put, Karen Hospital is not for a struggling Kenyan.

Founders of Karen Hospital
Dr Dan Gikonyo and his wife Dr Betty Gikonyo are the brains behind one of the most successful private hospital in the region. The couple-both cardiologists-envisioned setting up a well equipped hospital with highly trained personnel ala those found in the US were they studied. Dr Betty told Standard Digital of how Karen Hospital became a reality:

“What we really needed was to translate our idea into a business plan so that we could take a loan. Because we wanted to borrow a very huge amount of money we got a lot of rejection from banks. At one point we spent quite some money getting doctors together at Serena Hotel to float the idea and they never responded. But finally 20 doctors came around,” Betty told the publication.

It was not until 2003 that Kenya Commercial Bank came on board and gave a loan to fund the project after they started construction of the hospital with the equity they had raised:

“After they saw we had taken the risk and put our money in the project, Kenya Commercial Bank did an assessment and gave us a seven year loan,” Dr Gikonyo added.

Karen Hospital satellites across the country
The satellite hospitals are affordable and gave the best care, atleast according to Dr Gikonyo. The satellites are in: Nyeri town, Meru, Karatina, Nakuru, Ngong, Rongai and Kitengela.

Karen Hospital Consultation Fee
Consultation fee at the Karen Hospital is kes1,800

Maternity charges at the Karen Hospital
For Elective Caesarean section, a mother can cough kes175,000 a for a three day stay at the hospital. Normal delivery and antenatal care is kes90,000.

ICU Charges
While we don’t have the exact figures, our estimate put at between kes500,000 and kes600,000 as deposit to be admitted at the ICU. We will update once the figures are available.

Bed Charges
As of 2016, bed charges were as follows:
Ward bed-kes 7,500 per night
VIP room-kes33,600 per night
Feel free to hit us on our email-whownskenya@gmail.com if we have left anything out.