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Alliance In Motion (AIM) Global Owners

A story appearing on the Standard (18th May, 2018) titled ‘How Aim Global lures many with promise of millions’ has elicited strong reactions from Alliance in Motion Global (AIM Global) ‘millionaires’ who have termed the article malicious and have threatened to take legal action against the newspaper.

The writer, Gloria Aradi, gave a vivid picture of what goes on behind the closed doors of Aim Global free training sessions held every Monday and Tuesday at Stanbank House room 101. It was a story of hustling young men and women joining the multi level marketing (MLM) company with the hopes of making sh50,000 daily without breaking a sweat.

To make the kes50,000 daily, recruits must part with a onetime registration fee of sh 23,000. The overambitious members-who want to the big money- part with sh69,000 for lifetime membership or one can opt for the international partnership that goes for kes161,000. Members are issued with Nature’s Way health products and a book after paying the kes23,000.

The company has a cult like following and any negative publicity is met with insults and unsolicited lectures on how Kenyans are‘closed minded’. Those who read Atandi’s article know what this writer means. Let’s take a spin: Do these young men and women make the millions as they claim on social media?

Pictures of the ‘young millionaires’ displaying wads of crispy notes, flashy cars and imposing houses accompanied with often fictitious stories of how they made millions with Aim Global and how you can join the ranks of the new moneyed class in Kenya are common on Facebook groups and other online platforms.

According to AIM Global website, they distribute and market top of the line food supplements manufactured by Nature’s Way USA. The MLM has offices in Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Hawaii and Dubai. It has also established offices in Nigeria and Ghana. It is set to expand its business interest in more countries.

Who owns Aim Global?

The three brilliant brains behind the MLM that promises to turn hustlers into overnight millionaires are:

Dr Eduardo Cabantog-Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

The Visionary president, as his profile reads, is a graduate of Medicine from Pamansan ng Lungsod Mynila. Dr Eduardo Cabantog is the brains behind AIM Global.

Francis Miguel-Chief Marketing Officer

Also known as Mr Excitement, Mr Francis one trio of the founding directors of the MLM

John Asperin -Chief Finance Officer

He holds a Bachelor of Science in computer Engineering from the Adamson University. He has a moniker ‘Mentor of All Mentors’ like his partners.

AIM Global is not a scam but these are pointers you should be aware before signing up for the MLM

Some of the claims by AIM are misleading-for example, their products can virtually cure all ailments

You must be a good marketer to make a decent profit

Claims of benefits are exaggerated

To make money, you must recruit a legion of new members

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