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Amber Ray: I Used To Sell Matumbo Before Fame

Social media personality Faith Makau, otherwise known as Amber Ray opened up on challenges that she went through before fame.

In an interview with media personality Oga Obinna, the mother of two noted that she had to stretch her limits to make ends meet.

Amber noted that after completing her secondary school education, she was unable to progress to college forcing her to engage in menial jobs to make ends meet.

“Our family had financial issues, so I started working immediately after clearing high school,” Amber said during the interview.

Her first ever job was working in a shop that sold cereals, and she would do general work including transporting cereals from the store to the shop.

Amber earned Ksh 15,000 at the time; although she said it covered all her expenses including her fare and lunch.

She also hawked milk.

The socialite, however, noted that she quit selling milk because it required her to wake up early in the morning yet she is not a morning person.

Amber immediately started selling ‘matumbo’ (intestines) which she would get from town then supply to butcheries around her locality at the time.

“I used to leave Gavin (her son) at my friend’s place then rush to town then back to Kahawa West to hawk matumbo. I had to sell all the stock since I did not have a fridge,” she said.


Amber Ray was once married to politician Zaheer as a second wife.

At one point Aaliyah Zaheer, Jihanda’s first wife, came out to accuse her of using juju in order to trap her husband, allegations she refuted.

The marriage to Zaheer did end and she revealed this with a lengthy post on social media. 

“It’s about time I share with you this important move in my life, which will also set some of you free because you have been waiting for this day for way too long and I do not want to continue holding you hostage

“Feel free to keep the screenshots, keep em receipts for future use. I would like to inform you that I am no longer married to Zaheer Merlahi Jihanda and no one should link me to him or his family in whatever way,” she wrote on Instagram. 

She went on to be in a highly publicised relationship with Jamal Roho Safi that ended acrimoniously.

Ken Rapudo

Amber Ray found the embrace of Ken Rapudo hard to resist and the two became an item. The two now have a child together. Speaking in an interview on Obinna Show, Rapudo shared how he met his wife,

“I first met her while I was in another relationship, so I decided to give her space. I did like her, but I didn’t want to complicate things with my current relationship. After a while, I became single, and I tried to reconnect with her, but she was in a relationship herself, so I backed off again,” he shared.

The two went on to meet again,

“When she was single, we met for drinks and became friends first. I realised that she wasn’t exactly how people portrayed her on social media. That’s when I knew she was the right person.”

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