Kevin Mulei: Owner Of NRG Radio, His Journey From Machakos To A Becoming Big Name In Entertainment

  • Kevin Mulei (born on September 5th 1982) is the owner of NRG Radio. 
  • He was also the founder of Groove Awards and Mo Sound

NRG Radio is one of Kenya’s most popular radio stations and home to A-list presenters like Mwalimu Rachael. The name NRG is derived from the English word ‘energy’ which is evident in their shows.

The station first went on air on 1st March 2018. It has made the radio experience quite easy since it’s also accessible through the internet and other online platforms. It is the first visual radio station in Kenya and Africa and has become a benchmark for other media houses in the region. Its main target audience is young people between the ages of 16 and 30 years.

Here is his story as told by WoK.

So who owns NRG Radio?

Kevin Mulei, a renowned businessman in Nairobi is the founder and owner of NRG Radio. He is also the founder of the once popular Groove Awards as well as Mo Sound Events.

Mr Mulei began his career as a DJ (DJ Kev) before quitting and later founded Groove Awards with the vision of promoting, supporting and celebrating talented gospel musicians in Kenya.

He later opened Mo Sound Events, a creative company that organizes events, provides production services, digital media and entertainment equipment with operations across East and Central Africa.

Kevin Mulei’s background

The 40 year old entrepreneur was born in Kisikeni Village, Machakos County. He was mainly raised by his grandparents since his parents lived and worked in Uganda. He spent most of his time with his grandmother on the farm and this introduced him to the world of business.

When he was about nine years old he had his own small vegetable garden where he could farm and sell groceries to make a little cash. Just before he could finish high school, his parents relocated to Gigiri in Nairobi where he joined them and began his career as a DJ.


He quit the DJ industry and entered the business world in the early 2000’s. His first business venture  was unsuccessful since he didn’t receive any support from stakeholders. He sunk into debts and that’s when he relocated to America.

After a year in the US he came back to Kenya having accumulated little cash and decided to give it a shot once again. He started Groove Awards which later became very successful in east Africa.

In 2019, Mulei won the African Entertainment Promoter Award from Voice Achievers Awards joining the likes of Fatou Bensouda among the winners of the prestigious awards. In 2020 he joined the KCB Lion’s Den and through Mo Sound, he hosted the Global Entrepreneurship Summit that was attended by Barack Obama in Nairobi.

Wife, family and children

Kevin Mulei is married to Janet Kabugu and they have three children together: two boys and a girl. Apart from being the wife to a successful entrepreneur, Janet is also successful in her field.

In 2003, she was crowned Miss World Kenya and she is the managing director of Diamond Junior School in Nairobi. She graduated with a law degree from the University of Nairobi and runs the Janet Muley Foundation where she helps the orphans and street children.

Kevin Mulei net worth

Mulei gets his income mainly from his events company (Mo Sound Events) and the business has expanded with a branch in Rwanda and Tanzania. Apart from Mo Sound, he earns money through advertisements in his radio station.

He also acts as an advisory board member for Diamond Junior School, which was founded by his wife in 2009. He owns luxurious cars with the most famous one being the hybrid BMW i8 which is the only one in Kenya. He paid Ksh 24 million just to import the car.

Although his net worth isn’t well documented, it is said to be approximately USD2.3 million dollars.

NRG radio frequency

NRG radio frequency in Nairobi is 97.1FM. Initially, the station used to broadcast around Nairobi only but it has grown and now people can listen from as far as Kisumu, Eldoret and Mombasa. The station also has sister stations, which are Choice radio – 87.7FM and Fun X radio – 91.3FM.