Amerix Eric Amunga Profile, Career, Twitter Following, Controversial Advice, Politics, Obesity & Family

Eric Amunga, popularly known as Amerix, on Twitter is a Bungoma-based Reproductive Medicine Specialist, fat loss coach, and masculinity coach.

He has gained popularity over the recent years for his #MasculinitySaturday hashtag where he advices men on pertinent issues regarding relationships, aspects of life and men’s health.

Amerix successfully battled obesity, and has since then taken up coaching on men’s fitness and health.

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Twitter Following

He commands a massive following on Twitter, boasting over 1.2 million followers on top of a verified account.

He started #Masculinity Saturday in January 2019 when a follower sent him a private message that he was on the brink of depression because of disrespect from his wife.

“I reached out to him and helped him overcome the challenge. It is from this incident that I discovered men are struggling to cope up with themselves,” Amerix stated during a past interview.

His platform has since grown to accomodate women who have embraced it to share their woes on feeling lonely and being abandoned by their men despite being in relationships.

Struggle With Obesity

Amerix has successfully battled obesity and inexplicable metabolic fatigue. He had gained weight massively and weighed about 117Kgs.

One one incident, he suffered back pain while attempting to change his car tire. An orthopedic surgeon for treatment urged him to lose weight. I

“I never looked back. I lost 40kgs in seven months. The experience was burdensome and torturous at the start; I almost gave up but I was resilient. I pressed on until I began seeing small changes. The results kept me pushing further until I reached my periodic targets,” he said.

Amerix has since then been a vocal advocate for physical fitness and exercise. He noted that, since losingĀ  weight, he has been able to control his physical and mental frame.

“Obese individuals are always grumpy, angry and easily tempered. Exercises are the ultimate therapy to these negative traits,” he noted.

File image of Eric Amunga alias Amerix. |Photo| Courtesy|


Amerix is a medical practitioner in Bungoma. Though, not clear at which institution, he attends to patients in the Maternity and Gynaecology wards and the Obstetrics and Gynaecology clinic.

He also operates his own private consultancy. He attends to his clients between 5pm and 7pm after his day job.

“I do private consulting for people struggling with Diabetes Mellitus Type 2, obesity and weight.

“I also do private consulting for men suffering from sexual health disorders and inadequacies like addiction to masturbation and pornography, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, alcoholism andĀ haemorrhoids,” Amerix stated.

Controversial advices

He has often found himself on the wrong of Twitter trends after rubbing a section of netizens the wrong way with his advice.

On May 15, 2020, while appearing on NTV he adviced men to play their traditional roles of being a lead, mentor and disciplinarian of a family whereas mothers should play the nurturing role.

“Your presence as a man will be felt if you play your role as the man of the house. You don’t have to be there changing diapers,” he stated then.

He condemned the public show of affection among parents in front of their children, terming it a bad example.

His sentiments rattled several feathers, with members of the public criticising his approach.


Amerix has four wives and two children. He revealed this while appearing on NTV’s Your World Morning show on May 15, 2020.

Political aspirations

In 2016, he declared interest to vie for the Bungoma Central Ward seat on an Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) seat.

ODM made the announcement via their official Twitter page.