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Davidson Ngibuini Kuguru: Powerful Politician Who Sold Inheritance To His Children

The world all over is accustomed to children inheriting wealth accrued by their parents, no strings attached. However, in the case of late former Cabinet Minister for National Heritage in the President Daniel Arap Moi regime, Davidson Ngibuini Kuguru things were not so automatic for his children.

Ngibuini was a powerful politician in the pre-colonial era and served in both the regimes of founding father Mzee Jomo Kenyatta and Mzee Moi. He rose to become one of the wealthiest politicians in the country during that period.

Despite being wealthy, the late politician was a strict disciplinarian and never easy on his children. According to reports, he never let his children inherit his land, instead, he offered to sell it to them.

The politician is said to have had over 45 children and the move to sell them his land was meant to make them work hard and prevent laziness.

“Ngibuini was a man with seven known wives who bore him a total of more than 45 children. The high number of children may have been what led him to make the decision.

“Peter Kuguru was one of the first children to buy land from his father in Kiamaina, Mathira Constituency, while his brother Maguta Ngibuini purchased a tract of land in Muruguru, Nyeri Town Constituency,” a source close to the late politician told local tabloid Kenyans.co.ke.

Ngibuini’s move is said to have paid off and his children worked hard in school both in local institutions while others proceeded to further their education abroad. A majority of them carved out successful career paths.

“I know of many of his children who excelled in education including Gikandi Ngibuini who is a renowned lawyer, another Gikandi Ngibuini is a long-time practising doctor.

“Nguyo Ngibuini grew to become an established architect while one of his brothers become an engineer leading one of the prestigious construction companies in the country,” the source was quoted as saying.

Ngibuini rose to prominence in the pre-colonial era and even bagged an excellence award from the Queen of Britain. He was at the time known as a friend of the rulers.

Following the country’s independence, the late cabinet minister continued with his political career, first elected councillor and later Member of Parliament for Mathira Constituency in 1969.

In 1974, Mzee Kenyatta appointed ngibuini as the Assistant Minister for Home Affairs and national heritage. Mzee Moi who was the Vice President and Cabinet Minister for Home Affairs and National Heritage at the time.

After Mzee Kenyatta passed on and Mzee Moi took over, he appointed Ngibuini as the Cabinet Minister for National Heritage.

All this time, Ngibuini was the MP for Mathira.

Davidson Ngibuini Kuguru  passed away in 1997 and was buried at his farm in Muruguru, Nyeri County.