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Amos Muange: Makueni Farmer Earning Ksh500,000 From Sweet Pixie Oranges Per Season 

Amos Muange is a successful dairy and fruits farmer based in Makueni county. After years of hard work in the city, he went back home to try his luck in farming. Today, the 36-year-old has found success in farming. 

Here is his story as told by WoK.


Amos worked as a coffee barista plying his trade in the city. From this job, he saved some money and decided to go back to his rural home to invest in farming.

Dairy Farming 

He first bought four dairy cows and Joined Lower Eastern Dairy Cooperative Association (LEDCA). By joining a cooperation, he got access to loans and market for his produce.  

On a good season, the each cow produces 10 litres of milk, making it 40 litres a day. A litre goes for Ksh50 which earns him Ksh2000 per day and about Ksh60,000 a month.

This earnings are, however, not constant as climate change means there is fluctuation in milk production. To deal with this, he stores fodder to be used on rainy days and hopes to grow enough fodder for his cows.

This helps to cut down costs for the farmer whose ambition is to produce more than 400 litres a day. 

Fruit farming 

Apart from livestock, he also grows fruits, which enable him earn more income. His orchard comprises of an array of colorful fruit trees, including: sweet pixie oranges, bananas and mangoes.

He has dug a well on his farm and to save on electricity costs, he uses solar to pump water for the plants. 


Speaking to Farm Trend, the Makueni resident said he harvests about 25 tonnes of fruits per season, from June to August. In the December season, he harvests between 5 to 7 tonnes. A tonne costs about Sh20,000. On a good season, the oranges alone earn him approximately Sh500,000.