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Linda Lutela: Lecturer Teams With Students To Produce Mukombero Wine And Juice

Students from Bushiangala Technical Training Institute in Kakamega won a spot at the National TVET fair thanks to their ingenuity in creating wine from Mukombero (Mondia Whitei). The traditional herb has for years been chewed by locals who have touted its numerous benefits from boosting lib1d0 to reducing cholesterol.

However, few have thought of value addition using the powerful root. Today, however, a group of students under the guidance of their lecturer have harnessed their knowledge in food and beverage to make a wine out of the root.

How it began

Ms. Linda Lutela, a lecturer at Bushiangala Technical Training Institute, had a light bulb moment after meeting a man selling Mukombero in bulk. During an interview with Nation Africa, she revealed that after this encounter she started toying with the idea of value addition by using it to make wine and juice.

After ruminating on the idea for sometime, she approached the school principal who impressed by the idea, promised to support them.

Teaming up with her food and beverage students, they brainstormed and went on a fact finding mission to determine the herb’s potential benefits and its chemical composition.

The lecturer said they wanted to create a product that will be more enjoyable for the masses rather than the traditional method of chewing. The team came up with a thorough way of making wine and juice out of the herb and their fellow students and lecturers became their first clients.

The Process

After acquiring the roots from farmers, they are sorted, cleaned then blended. The refreshing juice is made by extracting the essence of the roots before mixing it with natural sweeteners and preservatives, such as honey, ginger, garlic and lemon.

To get the wine, the mixture is allowed to ferment for a week before it is packaged. The team also produces supplements and chocolates.

The prices range from Sh500 to Sh1200 with a glass of juice going for Sh50 and the chocolate and suppleme going for Sh50 each. Their products are certified by the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS).


While the project was her brainchild, Ms Lutela has left it in the hands of the students. Their hope is that their products are going to have a wide commercial market. They also hope to partner with farmers to ensure consistent supply. The team’s goal is to introduce the masses to a healthy drink while supporting local agriculture at the same time.