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Amount Of Money Betin Paid Joey Muthegi And Mariga To Appear On Ad

News that Joey Muthegi had been sacked by Citizen TV for appearing on Betin ads did not come as a surprise given the cut throat competition that is the industry.

The SK Macharia owned media house is the parent company of Shabiki, a competing betting company and, ordinarily, the top honchos were not too pleased with Joey’s decision to endorse a rival company. She did not wait to be fired-atleast according to NairobiNews-but instead tendered her resignation after she was summoned to appear before a disciplinary committee.

Joey has had a glittering career since 2009 when she joined Capital FM. She hosted and produced ‘Hits Not Homework’ until 2013, and at the same time doubled as Channel’s O Video Jockey between 2011-2014.

Educated in the US and Kenya, Joey career has always been on an upward trajectory. In 2013, she hosted Tusker Project Fame season 6 alongside the equally gifted Mitch.

And Muthegi is not all about hosting TV shows; she is an accomplished actor having played different roles in highly rated programs in the country.

Joining Citizen TV
Joey Muthegi move to a TV station with a commanding viewership was expected. She’s gifted, has a face for TV and she has a following. In 2016, she joined Citizen TV from Ebru Africa TV where she was paired with Fred Indimuli-who has since left the station-and Willis Raburu to host the Morning Show. She hosted 10 over 10 with the latter, a hugely popular show with youthful Kenyans.

Brand Ambassador With Betin
This was a deal that was way much more than her salary and she was not about to drop it to impress Citizen TV directors. She played wife to decorated footballer MacDonald Mariga in the advert. A nagging wife whose husband is glued to his phone. Joey grabs the phone to probably find some raunchy messages from sidechicks, only to be met by news that they have won a jackpot with Betin. Happy ending you may say.

How Joey and Mariga were paid
The adverts shot in Italy earned the duo good man. Mariga pocketed kes8 million from the deal while Muthegi is said to have earned kes6 million from the year long deal.