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Amount Of Money DP William Ruto Has Donated To Churches, Schools And Women Groups Since 2015

Deputy President William Ruto, a self styled hustler, is a man whose generosity has made him a darling of churches and schools. The DP weekly contributions to these institutions has sparked debate on how he manages to dish out donations worth million of shillings on his salary that is just above the a million mark. In his defense, Ruto said he is investing in heaven and castigated those criticizing him saying “They take their money to witchdoctors at night, but we take our money to church during the day for the work of God.” In an interview with NTV Mark Masai, the DP conveniently evaded questions touching on his wealth. His answer was as sketchy as they come when he was asked by Masai his worth: “………….tell us how you made your money but in the name of lifestyle audit, would you tell us how much you are worth?

His answer:

If you want to know the size of my bank account or what I own that is conversation that we can have. The president has said he will lead on the lifestyle audit and I said that I will be among the first to follow. I will be too happy to make what I own public. A lot of stories like what you have just said, Oh William Ruto has amassed a lot of wealth. In that chain of things that people have said I own is this house, the one behind us here. For your information, this house, is a public house. It is listed as one of the properties that I own and many other things. I also own 680 hotel and Boulevard and I don’t know which other hotel and I don’t know which building and I don’t know how many choppers and I don’t know how many planes… and many of the rumour mills rolled out. It has been made to look like the whole of the lifestyle audit was about William Ruto. I don’t mind, I have been in the eye of the storm many times. But when that process begins, I will be too happy to make what I own public.

So how much as the William Ruto contributed at Church and School fundraising from 2015?

Year 2015
In 2015, the DP gave out kes17 million in less than three months. Laare Catholic Church in Mikinduri Parish, Meru county received a total of Kes3 million from hustler Ruto. Uhuru gave kes1 million and Ruto the remainder.
November 8 – The DP contributed Sh2 million for the new ACK church in Kapsabet Diocese
September 11-Donated Sh1 million to Mung’ang’a ACK church in Kakamega county
September 12-Donated kes2.5 million for 410 women’s groups in Kitui.

September 26- Ruto contributed sh1 million to Tipet Primary School, Kapenguria constituency, and pledged another Sh5 million for the construction of a boys’ dormitory at the school

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September 27-PCEA Church Bahati, Nairobi received kes1 million from Ruto

The team tanga tanga captain was at it again. Towards the tail end of 2015, Ruto dished out kes3million in different parts of the country.

On 20 November 2015, Ruto was the chief guest in a funds drive in aid of the Kipkelion West Women’s Empowerment Organization. He left Chilchila Secondary School in Kericho county-where the event was being held-kes1 million lighter.

A day later, the DP was in Kuria where he gave a similar amount.

His dishing spree did not end there. Ruto was in Western Kenya on 22nd of the same month where he gifted Webuye West Maendeleo ya Wanawake Group with a cool kes1 million.

Year 2016
The DP surpassed his target of donating kes17 million in just over two months by dishing out kes18 million in two days. This is separate from other fundraisers he held in different parts of the country.

October 1-Ruto donated kes3 million for the construction of a dining hall at St Peter’s Machine Secondary School in Likuyani Constituency in Kakamega.

Tongaren Mixed Secondary School Bungoma County received kes2 million from the DP for the purchase of school land on the same day. He pledged a further kes3million to go towards construction of classrooms and administration block
Ruto donated kes3 million for the construction of classrooms at Sinoko Secondary School in Webuye West.

At Milo Boys Secondary School, the DP gave another sh3million for the development of the school.

October 2
Ibeno Kenya Medical Training College in Nyaribare Chache –Ruto donated Sh3 million
Malinda Secondary School in Vihiga County-Ruto gave out Sh4 million

Year 2017
To be updated

Year 2018
According to reports on a section of the blogospere, the DP donated kes20 million in one weekend.

Nguviu Boys High School-he donated Kes5 million

Kamama High School-he donated kes5 million

He donated kes5 million in Tharaka Nithi County

Pumwani Primary School-donated kes5 million

July 8, the DP gave Kes8 million to All Saints Cathedral

July 15, Ruto gave the newly opened AIPCA Patanisho church in Kayole kes1.5 million

Ruto is poised to become Kenya fifth president and his he knows money is irresistible even to the holiest of men.

Total amount spent by Ruto on fundraising is almost kes500 million from 2013.

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