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Diamond Platnumz Net Worth 2019, His Charges Per Show, YouTube Earnings, Download Earnings And How Much He Charges To Record In Wasafi

He makes hit after hit so effortlessly that whatever scandal he finds himself embroiled in is quickly swept away by his next hit. Diamond Platnumz, real name Naseeb Abdul Juma, will wow and fill shows in Kigali, Nairobi, in the US and other world capitals the same way he will do in Tanzania, where he hails from. The Tanzanian singing sensation has worked with the likes of Davido, Neyo, Omarion, the carefree Akothee and many others are lining to do collaboration with him. He has become such a big brand that you will have to cough top dollar to have the Kwa Ngwaru hitmaker perform in your event. This article will look at the net worth of Diamond Platnumz, his charges per show, You Tube earnings and how much artists pay to record in his Wasafi records.

How much does Diamond Platnumz charge per show?
Any event with Diamond as the headlining act is definitely big. To book the artist, you must be ready to part with atleast US$40,000 (kes4million) per performance and an additional US$5,000 (Kes500,000) if you delay payment and he releases a song before the event. Other charges incurred by the organizers include paying for 8 economy and 2 business class tickets for his team; book a presidential suite for the main guy, one single room and 4 double rooms for his entourage. Early this year, the singing crooner was reportedly paid kes6.5million to perform at the Chrome Invasion New Year Party. In 2016, the boy from Tandale walked home with Kes5million after a scintillating performance at the Ameru festival. He made double that amount when he performed in Kigali.

YouTube Earnings
Diamond Platnumz YouTube subscription by the time of writing this article stands at 1,358,620, almost 100,000 more than Kenya’s two national Television stations (KTN and Citizen) combined. The artist has a total of 492 videos which have so far attracted a total of 418,117,022 video views. His earnings are in millions, atleast according to YouTubers.me. Here is the chart of Diamond’s estimated YouTube earnings from January 2017:

July 2018 $ 14.8K-kes1.4 million
June 2018 $ 22.3K-kes2.2 million
May 2018 $ 15.8K-kes1.5 million
April 2018 $ 18.3K-kes1.8 million
March 2018 $ 18.6K-kes1.8 million
February 2018 $ 11.4K-kes1.1 million
January 2018 $ 16.4K-kes1.6 million
December 2017 $ 23.9K-kes2.3 million
November 2017 $ 13.7K-kes1.3 million
October 2017 $ 16.8K-kes1.6 million
September 2017 $ 15.2K-kes1.5 million
August 2017 $ 9.66K-kes0.9 million
July 2017 $ 19.1K-kes1.9 million
June 2017 $ 11.4K-kes1.1 million
May 2017 $ 8.81K-kes0.8 million
April 2017 $ 5.08K-kes0.5 million
March 2017 $ 9.22K-kes0.9 million
February 2017 $ 7.79K-kes0.7 million
January 2017 $ 11.3K-kes1.1 million

Downloads Earnings
Popular Classic FM morning show host Maina Kageni put the amount of money Diamond platnumz makes per day on downloads alone at kes1 million. And this is only in Kenya.

He topped the list of the highest royalties earners in 2015 awakening a furor of complaints from homegrown artists who felt he was not deserving. The now shambolic Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) paid Diamond, who was then riding high with his ‘Number One’ hit, kes 352,807 worth of royalties for the period between April and June 2015. Former MCSK CEO Maurice Okoth said at the time:

“We have noted with concern that majority of Kenyan radio and television stations are broadcasting more of foreign works against the government directive for broadcasting of more local works. This lead to the highest earner being non-Kenyan. MCSK would wish to encourage more radio and TV stations to support local musicians and broadcast the local musicians works so that we can build our local industry even more. It is disheartening to see that only four of our Kenyan musicians were within the top ten list of radio and television stations in Kenya.”

Diamond makes good money from endorsing big companies like Coca-Cola, Uber, Vodacom, DSTV and Red Gold. The deals rake him millions.

Wasafi Records
Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) wasafi, or simply Wasafi records has in its ranks the crème de la crème of Tanzania’s biggest acts. And the record label is churning hit after hit in an unprecedented fashion. Some of the stars in the label are Harmonize, Rayvanny, Mbosso and Rich Mavoko. Wasafi records was founded by Diamond Platnumz according to multiple sources. However, a section of the media has reported that the WCB Wasafi is co-owned by Joe Kusaga and Ruge Mutahaba. That aside, how much will you pay to record at Wasafi’s studio? Audio recording as of 2016 was going for kes30,000 and kes600,000 for video recording. This figure may have gone up given the popularity the star continues to enjoy.

Diamond Platnumz Net Worth
While most artists in the region are struggling to make ends, Diamond easily ranks among the richest acts in the region. The award winning star revealed to E! TV that is net worth was US$4 million (kes405 million). That was in 2016. It will not come as a surprise if he has hit (if not surpassed) the half a billion mark.