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Amount Of Money Government Pays Families Of KDF Soldiers Who Die In The Line Of Duty

Families of the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) are paid between Ksh4 million to Ksh7.4 million if they die while serving the country.

Families of KDF officers who are killed within the borders of Kenya are entitled to Ksh4 million while those serving in peace mission in foreign nations get Ksh7.4 translating to a total of Ksh11.4 million.

This payment is made within 30 days of the officer’s death. Apart from this compensation, the family of the deceased officer is also entitled to his pension.

“This is nothing to hide so I will say what we give immediately within 30 days. If the officer is serving within our country immediately he gets Sh4 million above his pension which has a component called death gratuity. But if he is serving in ATMIS in Somalia, apart from the Sh4 million, the AU and UN give that family US$50,000 (Sh7,430,000),” Defence CS Aden Duale told senators.

According to the CS, the families of the soldiers receive facilitative support that focuses on widows, orphans, dependants, and service personnel living with disabilities.

In addition to this, they receive reskilling programmes intended at empowering KDF widows through financial literacy and creating awareness about available financing opportunities for vulnerable groups is another way the state supports such families.

Fallen soldiers also receive military burial rites, memorial services conducted and medals of honour bestowed posthumously, as applicable.