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Little-Known Profile and Career of Jahmby Koikai’s Father

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Paul wa Kihongo: Kenyan Man Making Up to KSh 5,000 Per Hour Working at Mjengo Sites in Canada

Many Kenyans have always eyed better job opportunities abroad, often considered lands of greater prospects.

Such is the story of Paul, who hails from Kihingo in Limuru.

Paul left Kenya in 2020 and secured a well-paying job in the construction industry, with a salary far exceeding what he could earn in his home country.

After exploring many jobs in Kenya, he obtained a green card to move to Canada, thanks to the assistance of his sister who had lived in Canada for over 15 years.

“I have done so many jobs. When I completed high school, I joined my dad, who was a trucker. My job as a turn boy ended, and I returned home and joined Bata Shoe Company, where I worked at the distribution center. That’s the last part for the shoes to go to the customer,” he shared on the Kenya Diaspora Media YouTube channel.

“I have also driven matatus from Naivasha to Nairobi, but things didn’t work out. I entered the world of business, selling Safaricom lines and SIM cards, which I did until I left for Canada,” Paul recalled, reflecting on the various jobs he held before moving to Canada.

Upon reaching Canada, Paul first landed a landscaping job and worked on making brake pads before entering the construction industry in 2022.

“I took the concrete mixer job and started earning KSh 4,000 per hour plus KSh 900 for pension. Back home, people are paid about KSh 1,000 or KSh 2,000 for such a job per day,” he said.

“When you come here, know this is not home; start from there and have a vision of where you want to go. I started with making brake pads,” said the married father of three sons.

Since moving out of the country, Paul has missed his family a lot and is currently organizing for them to travel abroad.