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Amount Of Money Police IG Joseph Boinnet Will Pocket As He Retires

Inspector-General of Police Joseph Boinnet’s term of office comes to an end today (read March 11, 2019). President Uhuru Kenyatta nominated Boinnet on December 31, 2014 as the second IG after the controversy laden tenure of David Kimaiyo.

He officially assumed the lucrative post on March 11, 2015. His stint as the IG was a mixed bag-he credits himself for transforming the National Police Service; making it more fluid and responsive to the expectations of Kenyans.
In a statement he released as he paves away for the third IG, Boinnet said of his achievements:

“Under the Police modernization programme, the National Police Service has invested heavily in providing the necessary tools and equipment to enable our police officers discharge their duties effectively and to the expectations of Kenyans,” his statement read in part.

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Others, however, have blamed the IG for presiding over a police service that thrives on corruption. Extra judicial killings have also marked his tenure.

So how much is the ex-police boss entitled too as his four year non renewable term comes to a close?
Joseph Boinnet send off package is Sh6.56 million. He will also receive State pension for the 30 years he served in the police service and National Intelligence Service (NIS) where he served as the principal intelligence officer for 7 years.

For the four years Boinnet served as the IG, his gross salary was kes35.3 million.

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