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Andrew Kibe Biography, Age, Education, Career, Trivia and Personal Life

By Prudence Minayo

Andrew Kibe is a Kenyan media personality who had stints at NRG radio and later on Kiss FM as a radio presenter before he relocated to the United States of America. He is loved and loathed in almost equal measure courtesy of his bluntness when it comes to airing his views. A photo of Andrew Kibe holding a bible in the company of motivational speaker Robert Burale and two other unidentified men, got social media users wondering if he was a pastor in the past. In an interview with Dr. King’ori, Kibe said he wasn’t a pastor though he was headed in that route. The no-holds barred Kibe said that he could never lie enough to become a pastor, but if he did, he could have been one of the best pastors in the country. Through his previous talks, it is clear that Andrew is always a supporter of the boy child.


He is in mid-40s.


Andrew attended Nairobi Milimani school. One of his famous schoolmate was Mutula Kilonzo Jr. 


He rose in popularity while hosting the NRG Breakfast club alongside Kamene Goro. The duo kept the audience entertained through a number of interesting topics. Kibe was known for giving his unapologetic views one topical issues. The frank way in which he aired his views and the dry humor accompanying them earned him a high number of fans. 

In June 2019, when Andrew and his co-host handed in their resignation, NRG was not impressed. They slapped them with a court order barring them from working at a competing radio station, Kiss FM. The judge issued a temporary order barring him and his fellow from joining Kiss FM.

Andrew Kibe Biography, Age, Education, Career, Trivia and Personal Life
Kibe would have become a pastor photo/Courtesy

“ A temporary order of injunction is hereby granted restraining the duo from performing services for, carrying or being engaged or interested or concerned directly or indirectly or publicly identifying with the promotion of services by any other radio station in Kenya or any business that competes with NRG,” said the judge.

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NRG further stated that they had invested so much in the duo by helping them purchase their own vehicles and using their images on billboard advertisements among other things. 

Andrew managed to sail through this and was able to join Kiss FM in September 2019 where he hosted the breakfast show alongside Kamene Goro. The morning show was a success as the two brought their A game and people continued to listen to them. This is why it came as a shock to many fans when he announced his exit from Kiss FM at the end of June 2020 via his Twitter page. He later revealed the reason was because of his language use. Some of the words or phrases he used did not meet the standards of the radio. Andrew decided to quit since he felt he had the right to express himself the way he wants.

Apart from being a media personality and blogger, Andrew also took a dive into politics. In the 2013 general elections, he vied for the Lang’ata Member of Parliament seat but lost. 


Andrew Kibe and controversy are two words that are often used side by side. On a number of occasions, he has trended because of his words which some may consider way too harsh if not vulgar. 

In September 2019, the media personality was arraigned in court for allegedly failing to pay a loan of Ksh.2.5 million. He borrowed from a friend a loan of Ksh.210,000 back in 2012 with kes55,000 being the agreed interest, according to Citizen Digital. However, the interest accrued to amount to Ksh.2.5 million. The court ordered him to pay Ksh.500, 000 by Thursday the following week and explain how he was going to settle the remaining amount. (source: Citizen Digital).

Personal Life

While talking on Kiss FM, he once revealed he has a 12-year-old son. However, he had not seen his son for 7 years after his mother left after he married someone else.

Andrew Kibe Biography, Age, Education, Career, Trivia and Personal Life
Andrew Kibe And His Wife Photo/Courtesy

“ We raised a solid posterity until five years of age whenever I was allowed to see him. I later wedded another woman and the child’s mom cut me off. From that point forward, I have never observed my kid for 7-12years.”

The former Kiss FM presenter also revealed at one point he lost his sister in 2012 but did not mourn her.

“ The day before yesterday was my late sister’s birthday and I just realized I have no feeling or emotion towards this. The day she died we were not on good terms. She passed on in 2012. I do not know why I never felt that heavy grief. I did not even cry,” he said on the morning show on Kiss FM.

Relocating to the USA

Andrew Kibe relocated to the USA in search of greener pastures. According to funny man Eric Omondi, his nemesis is being housed by a woman who fends for all his financial needs.