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Frankie Just Gym It Biography, Age, Education, Career, Marriage and Fatherhood

By Prudence Minayo

People around Kenya are becoming more aware about the importance of health and fitness. With lifestyle diseases becoming more rampant, working out and healthy eating has taken the forefront in many people’s lives. Several fitness trainers have emerged to not only help people achieve their desired weight but also embrace healthy eating and Frank Kiarie, known to many as Frankie Just Gym it is one such trainer. He has built a name for himself as one of the best celebrity fitness trainers and amassed a huge number of followers. In fact, the first place he gained popularity was through Instagram and here is a few tidbits about him:


The celebrity fitness trainer is 30-years-old.


Frank went to North Wales on a Rugby scholarship as he revealed during an interview on Switch TV’s Chatspot. He then did a degree in Business management in the UK but didn’t feel like entering the employment world yet.

“After I finished that I was like okay I don’t wonna go work so what do I do? I wonna do more school because school, I mean Uni is everything, you know, freedom, partying, everything, you know. No bills, nothing. So I’m like let me go back to school and I did my Masters,” revealed Frank on Chatspot.

The fitness trainer then went on to pursue a Masters in International Business Management. While doing his Masters, he asked himself what he wanted to do with his life, whether he wants to work under someone and build their dream or if he wanted to build his dream. He continued with the Masters degree but enrolled in another University to pursue an advanced Diploma in Sports and Nutrition. 


The fitness guru wanted to pursue a career in the fitness world while still in the UK but so many other people were doing it. He came to Kenya for holiday and realized at the time there were no fitness trainers. All that was in the market, were gym instructors who only gave instructions on exercises, some were not even well trained. Frankie pitched his ideas to a number of gyms but was turned down, the major issue being that the gyms felt their trainers would feel bad about the idea.

Not one to lose sight of his dream, he started training with his clients at Uhuru Park for about a year. He had no equipment so all he used was a towel and made sure he took the before and after picture. He posted the pictures on Instagram and it went viral then gyms started calling him.

Partnering with Shiv Simani, they formed Just Gym It 254, a company that focused on fitness training as well as nutrition plans. The two became very popular and signed in a lot of clients. Later, they parted ways in what Frank would reveal in K24’s Alfajiri segment as a mutual decision since their vision were no longer the same.

Frankie continued with Just Gym It which worked with a number of celebrities and he built a name for himself as a celebrity fitness trainer. The company even started to include outdoor excursions where clients would visit different places like Ngong Hills and Hell’s Gate and do a number of activities that further improved their fitness. Although many refer to him as a celebrity fitness trainer, he takes on anyone interested in following the training and nutrition plan and willing to pay the price. 

He also has a YouTube channel “Just Gym It” with a little over 14k subscribers and has posted 96 videos so far.

Marriage and Fatherhood

Frank is yet to get married but a while back he was in a public relationship with Maureen Waititu who became his fiancé. The two had a YouTube channel called Alpha and Beta and they served fans with couple goals. Unfortunately, they split up in what Maureen revealed on “Unscripted with Grace,” had become a toxic relationship. Frank also revealed recently that the relationship had become toxic and they even sought help from a pastor to no avail. The couple had two children together.

Most of the time, he has been accused of being a deadbeat dad but he broke his silence recently in an interview with Edgar Obare

“Let me just be candid and say I send 6,000Ksh each week; personally I spend 2,500 on myself per week and I am fully grown person.”

Frankie Just Gym It Biography, Age, Education, Career, Marriage and Fatherhood
Frank, his ex-wife and children Photo/Courtesy

He went on to say that he left his apartment that was gifted to him by his mother, as an engagement gift, to Maureen and the kids and that he foots a sum of 150,000 per semester for the kids’ education. Adding that he also assists in paying the nanny. 

“Personally I am not a malicious person I am not the type of person to get someone back…right now my goal is to have a conducive environment for my children to grow…I want them to be comfortable in that environment,” added the personal trainer.

Currently, he is in a relationship with video vixen Corazon Kwamboka who is expecting his child. 

He also said that he didn’t cheat on Maureen with Corazon.

“ I didn’t leave Maureen for Kwamboka, Maureen and I broke up, then I met Kwamboka. It wasn’t planned that I was gonna let this beautiful thing we had and go start another beautiful thing that now we have going on,” he stated on his YouTube channel.