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Aoko Otieno: Profile of Outspoken Blogger Ruffling Feathers Of Powerful Individuals

Scophine Aoko Otieno is a seasoned writer known for her hard-hitting statement on social media, especially Twitter.

She has also brushed shoulders with top politicians including former Ministry of Industrialisation, Trade & Enterprise Development CAS David Osiany.

Aoko has also been involved in a push and pull with Nominated MP John Mbadi whom she worked for as a social media manager.

But who is Aoko and what drives the vitriol she directs at certain individuals?

Here is her story as told by WoK.


Aoko was born and bred in Nyakach, Kisumu County.

After completion of her primary school education, she proceeded to Nyang’onga Secondary where she sat for her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE).

She then joined Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC) where she pursued a course in journalism.

Aoko also enrolled for a degree in Political Science at the University of Nairobi.

The media personality kicked off her journalism career while still a student career at KIMC when she would engage in seasonal writing gigs.

Initially, getting a platform to utilize her writing skills was a challenge forcing her to turn to Facebook where she would share her pieces.

Aoko shared her pieces on her Facebook timeline for months before she was noticed by The Nairobian editors who offered her a job.

“I am glad that they not only gave me a platform but also pushed me and honed my writing skills. I slowly caught the drift and was finally offered a column,” she said.

She wrote for The Nairobian for a moment before she was hired by The Standard Newspaper.

Aoko has also worked for Lang’ata MP Phelix Odiwuor’s Jalang’o TV but left in the run up to the August 9 General Election.

In a previous interview with The Standard, she also explained his decision to get involved in the feminist movement.

“They say that that I am pro-masculinity but if someone with a keen eye will realize that I am fighting for women. On Twitter, I see a lot of men-bashing going on from some of these renowned names

“On Facebook, I come across women with sponsor mentality; things that excite them about men are very material like money. I sought to change that mindset and what way better than through my pen?” She explained.


Aoko has also had controversial moments on social media.

In her recent outburst, the journalist called out Nominated MP John Mbadi for not paying her her dues.

She claimed that she had been working as the MP’s social media manager, but he was reportedly asking for sexual favours before paying her.

“I was managing social media for Minority Leader of 4 years and had to constantly beg for my fees, only remembering me when he was h***y

“My aim is to show you ODM for what it is – an outfit of a tyrant and his coterie who exploit, not empower Luo youth,” Aoko wrote on Twitter.

She also claimed to be in a relationship with Suna East MP Juney Mohammed.

In yet another outburst, Aoko also claimed to have been in a romantic relationship with former Ministry of Industrialisation, Trade & Enterprise Development CAS David Osiany.

She was, however, met with a counter-attack by the former CAS who threatened to sue her for defamation.

“That’s great. You will need all these things you say, at the right time and place. You will break it down very well. You will clarify it. Once and for all. Then you will learn there is a price to pay for the things you peddle here,” he wrote.

In her response, Aoko made it clear that she was ready for a legal battle with Osiany.

“Oh babe, I’ll break it from our 1st date. Good thing, you shafted in, in my house. I have everything. Please make this legal, I’ll say things that you don’t know I know,” she wrote.