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Five Houses And Popular Destinations In Kenya That Are ‘Haunted’ By Evil Spirits

Kenya is a land of natural wonders, diverse cultures, and intriguing history, however, the darker side to all these is that many believe some of these destinations are inhabited by malevolent spirits.

From eerie caves to abandoned buildings, there are numerous haunted destinations in Kenya that are said to be infested with evil spirits.

In this article, WoK explores some of the most haunted destinations in Kenya and the spine-chilling tales that make them notorious.

1. Menengai Cave

Menengai Cave is also known as ‘Kirima kia ngoma’ which means the place of devils in Kikuyu.

Despite the stunning beauty that it boasts, the destination has a dark and wild side tied to it that has had locals believe that it’s the work of evil spirits.

While some people have died while others disappeared and never to be seen again, some have lost their way in the cave and unable to explain how they lost their way. 

There are also claims that people see a devil riding a motorcycle while others have spotted a flying umbrella that appears when it rains.

It is alleged that the destination was a fighting battle for Maasai’s from Laikipia and Ilpurko, with locals claiming that spirits of warriors who were thrown into the caldera haunt the place to date.

2. Pillar of Mbaraki

The Pillar of Mbaraki is the second oldest monument after Fort Jesus.

It still remains unclear what purpose it served in the ancient world although historians believe that it served as a lighthouse.

On the other hand, it is said that there is an Arab spirit that resides within its walls, and it possesses powerful magical healing abilities. 

It is also claimed that women with fertility issues perform rituals at the bottom of the pillar in the hope of bearing children.

3. Lake Simbi Nyaima

Simbi Nyaima means the sunken village in Dholuo.

Also dubbed the healing lake, it is alleged that there was a village called Simbi which was right on the shore of the lake.

The land was fertile but the wealth brought greed and rivalry resulting to gluttony and arrogance in the village.

At some point, there was a malnourished woman wandering from one hut to another asking for fodd but the villagers refused to help her.

After a while, a curse fell on the village and in form of a storm that plunged the whole village into the lake and subsequently driving away other tribes.

4. Ruiru house

The haunted house in Ruiru, Kiambu County has reportedly been vacant for over 30 years.

According to The Standard, tenants whl have previously tried to rent the house have been forced out after being attacked by alleged evil spirits.

“The building has been vacant for more than 30 years and unconfirmed reports indicate that there are dark forces inside it. I usually pass there and I have never seen anyone,” the area chief George Mwaura said.

Further, locals who moved near the house told tales of stones being thrown at them by people they couldn’t see.

5. The Lost City of Gedi

The Lost City of Gedi is found in the depths of the great Arabuko Sokoke forest. 

It is claimed that it was a thriving city with over 2,500 people but one day everyone just packed and left.

The Arabuko Sokoke forest has now overgrown and consumed the little city which is reportedly infested with evil spirits.