Auctioneers Storm Anerlisa Muigai’s House, Cart Away Property over Unpaid Debt

Anerlisa Muigai PHOTO/COURTESY

Auctioneers are said to have stormed the house of Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai in Kilimani area and carted away property in a bid to recover an unpaid debt.

Business Today reported that the Nero Water Company CEO tried to stop the auctioneers but her efforts proved futile.

The auction is tied to a 2018 case where lender Mwananchi Credit and Dennis Mwangeka Mombo sued Muigai seeking damages for defamation.

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After a vigorous court battle, general damages of KSh 2.5 million were awarded to Mombo after the court found that some of Anerlisa’s statements were defamatory to him.

Muigai had previously been sued by Mombo over a KSh 19 million loan she allegedly took for her boyfriend.

Mombo said she had taken three loans from him totalling to KSh 13 million, adding that she gave him two vehicles; a Range Rover Evoque and an Audi Q7 – as security.

However, in a lengthy post on social media, Ms Muigai painted the two men as acquaintances working together to defraud her.

Muigai is the founder of Nero Company Limited which manufactures and distributes premium bottled water such as Executive Still Water and Life Still Water.

Her company has become such a success that she was among the three Kenyans nominated for the Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2018.

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In this event which was organised by Bizna, the Nero boss took the runners up position for the Young Entrepreneurs Award.

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