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Ayub Omondi Oluoch: The Multi-skilled Construction Worker Making a Fortune In The UK

Kenyans are known to be hardworking especially in pursuit of life-changing opportunities. Such is the case with Ayub Omondi Oluoch whose unerring  construction skills have earned him a well paying job in Jersey Islands, United Kingdom. The 45 year old is not only a hands-on man but also manages a group of 5 other Kenyans who eke a living at Rok Construction Site.

Background and Education 

Oluoch was born in Kisumu before their family relocated to Nairobi. He schooled at St. Teresa’s Boys, Eastleigh then matriculated at Ndere Youth Polytechnic in Siaya County. He qualified with an artisan certificate in carpentry and has over 20 years experience. He once worked in Afghanistan but the weather posed a challenge on him, necessitating taking a flight back home.

Relocation to the UK

Oluoch landed on this opportunity when he browsed online and came across a recruitment agency on LinkedIn. He forwarded his resume and received heartwarming news when the agent’s boss, Lee Madden told him he was coming to Kenya within a fortnight. The two met in Nairobi and Madden asked Oluoch to look for more people who would be interested in relocating to the UK for construction jobs. Within a few days, Olouch had already gathered a list of 40 people. After two months of passport processing and other necessary documentation, Oluoch landed in Jersey Islands in July, 2022. Barely 4 months, he is elated that he earns a better income which he equated to a manager’s back in Kenya.

Construction Work 

According to Oluoch, life in the Island located in the English Channel is quite different from Kenya. For instance, most people use private means of transport as opposed to Kenya’s matatus. He however takes a 10 minute walk to work. The construction site he works is also contrasting with what he was used to.

It is like everyday you learn something different, even how they mix ballast with cement is so different from home. Here we have concrete pumps,” he says.

Under the captaincy of Oluoch are 5 other Kenyans who are multi-skilled in various capacities; for example there are steel workers who can also do electricals. Mr. Lee Madden is impressed with the work done by Kenyans and holds high regards for them.

I started looking outside the UK to find (human resource) solutions. A solution came in the name of Utalii College from Kenya. The Kenya nationals are very warm, friendly and are fantastic at their job,” he says.

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