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Babu Bashir: Kenyan Running Successful Carwash Business In Saudi Arabia 

  • Babu Bashir has been in Saudi Arabia for 16 years where he runs his mobile carwash business
  • He lives with his family in the Gulf country

Saudi Arabia is a popular country with Kenyans seeking greener pastures. This was also the case with Babu Bashir who moved to the Gulf in 2008 and has since established himself as a successful businessman in the country. 

Here is his story as told by WoK.

The Move to Dubai and Employment 

The entrepreneur moved to the country as a barista working at Coast Cafe. At the time, he knew nothing about coffee and had to be trained by the company.

With the training, he became a coffee maestro and worked in the country for a while before returning to Kenya for nine months before going back to the country with Holiday Inn.

He proceeded to work as a bellboy and valet for three years.

Eco Carwash Business 

Leveraging on the fact that Saudi Arabia is home to some of the world’s most luxurious car brands, he decided to start a car wash business called Eco Carwash.

According to him, Dubai people love quality and his business strives to offer this. They mostly have lady clients who clean their cars up to four times a week.

The business offers cleaning and detailing services which involves removing stains from seats and cleaning the engine.

Eco Carwash is a mobile business where one orders their services through an app. Babu currently owns three cars and hopes to keep expanding the business.

He has no plans to return to Kenya anytime soon and it helps that his wife and children are also with him in Saudi Arabia. 

Doing Business in Saudi Arabia 

According to Babu, it is possible to do business in Saudi as long as the person is willing to work and follow the rules. For example, 40% of the earnings are given to the government.

There is also the fact that drinking is not allowed and is punishable by a jail term. He told Chams Media that as long as one’s papers are in order, it is possible to have a good life in Saudi Arabia.

They offer free medical cover for domestic workers, and accommodation for company owners. Those working in senior positions get private accommodation, a car and medical cover.

The businessman also added that there are many opportunities to be explored in Saudi Arabia, such as, exporting fruits and vegetables from Kenya.

There is also other commodities like Blue Band which can sell, and opening a Kenyan restaurant and a mini Mart are also among the many opportunities.

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