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Jane Waithera: My Mother Spent All The Money I Was Sending Her From Saudi Arabia, Daughter Recounts Betrayal 

Jane Waithera’s journey from Kenya to Saudi Arabia in search of a better life turned into a nightmare of abuse and betrayal.

After enduring hardship and struggling to find employment, Waithera finally secured a job in Saudi Arabia, only to face unimaginable challenges at the hands of her employer and betrayal from her own mother. 

This is her heartbreaking tale of resilience, hope, and the painful realization that even family can betray you as told by WoK.

A Desperate Search for Employment 

With no one to depend on for financial support, Waithera learned about an agent who facilitated job placements in Saudi Arabia through a friend. She embarked on her assignment in the Gulf, only to be confronted with harsh realities upon arrival.

The single mother found herself in desperate circumstances after her mother abandoned her and she fell out with her grandmother.

Struggling to make ends meet, she grasped at the opportunity to work in Saudi Arabia.

Nightmarish Experiences in Saudi Arabia

Upon arriving in Saudi Arabia, Waithera faced a harsh reality. The house she was supposed to work in was filthy, and she had to clean it on her first night.

The situation worsened as she realized that the number of children in the household exceeded what was stated in her contract. 

Alone with the children’s father during the day, Waithera endured unwelcome advances and harassment. Fearing for her safety, she devised an escape plan with the help of a friend, dressing as an Arab man to avoid suspicion.

Betrayal and Imprisonment

Despite her efforts, Waithera’s escape plan was foiled by three men who discovered her true identity. They extorted a bribe from her, leading to her release.

However, another group later caught her and turned her over to the police, who then contacted her employer. 

The househelp found herself locked in a room, forbidden from using a phone, and trapped in a cycle of abuse and manipulation.

Second Escape and Plans on Rebuilding

Determined to reclaim her freedom, Waithera made a second escape and eventually found employment and a place to live. Over time, she managed to save KSh 400,000 with the goal of starting a boutique or a cereals shop upon her return to Kenya. 

Betrayal by Family

When the Kenyan government called for the return of individuals who had fled from their sponsors, Waithera eagerly embraced the chance to rebuild her life and pursue her dreams.

However, her anticipation turned to despair upon arriving at the airport, only to discover that her mother, who had agreed to meet her, was absent. 

Seeking answers about her hard-earned money, she confronted her mother, who admitted to having spent it. Her mother promised to replace the funds before Waithera’s return, but the reality of the betrayal left her heartbroken and shattered.

Seeking Employment and Support

Now a single mother with a son to care for, Waithera is appealing for job opportunities and sponsorship to provide for her child. Her story serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by single mothers who often bear the weight of financial responsibility alone.

Jane Waithera’s Ordeal Exposes Exploitation and Family Betrayal

Jane Waithera’s journey from poverty to seeking opportunities abroad highlights the vulnerability of individuals in desperate situations. It also sheds light on the painful truth that even family members can betray one’s trust. 

Her story calls for increased awareness and support for single mothers and emphasizes the importance of trust and empathy within families.

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