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HomenewsinternationalBenson Gitau: Kenyan-American Man Apologises After Shredding His U.S. Passport

Benson Gitau: Kenyan-American Man Apologises After Shredding His U.S. Passport

Benson Gitau
Benson Gitau went viral after posting a video shredding his U.S. Passport. Photo/Benson Gitau Facebook.

A Kenyan-American man is under fire after he shredded his U.S. Passport.

Benson Gitau in a viral TikTok video is seen holding a Kenyan and a U.S. passport, then shows fans the expiry date of his U.S. Passport.

Gitau proceeds to place the passport in a paper shredder, shredding it into pieces.

Netizens criticised him for his actions with some advising him to seek psychological help.

Gitau later posted another video and apologised for his action.

The Kenyan-American looking remorseful and teary said, that concerned family and close friends reached out to him over the video.

It was a mistake, I shouldn’t have done that that was an old passport but looking back concerned family and friends have tried to reach out to my wife and me,”

“I thought I was doing a prank, but I realised it was just clout chasing, I don’t want to do that again I apologise to my family, my wife, and my son and I will take a break from posting here on TikTok,” Gitau said.

Gitau had previously gone viral after posting a video in his car venting at his frustrations in the U.S.

The video had over half a million views.

He said life was miserable and he lacked enough time for himself as most of the time he had to work.

Gitau said he longed to return to Kenya and start a new life.

Benson Gitau has been an American citizen for more than a decade after winning a Green Card and serving in the US Marines.

As a marine, he was on tour in Afghanistan for nearly a year.