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Elizabeth Ndungu: Meet Kenyan Woman Running Successful Restaurant in Scotland After Husband’s Death

Elizabeth Ndungu
Elizabeth Ndungu and Larry Madowo at the Calabash African Restaurant. Photo/Elizabeth Ndungu/Facebook.

Elizabeth Ndungu well known as Mama Nyax runs the popular Calabash African Restaurant in Glasgow, Scotland.

The restaurant recently got huge attention on social media after CNN journalist Larry Madowo visited it.

Larry was impressed by their delicious African cuisine from Kenya’s Ugali to Nigerian Jollof and the Ethiopian Injera.

“Nyama choma, jollof rice and injera under one roof. Lovely eating at Elizabeth Ndung’u’s Calabash African Restaurant in Glasgow. I ate too much,” Larry said.

A grateful Elizabeth thanked Larry Madowo for the visit and for spreading the good word about the restaurant.

“A big thank you Larry Madowo. It was such a big honour to have you at Our Calabash African Restaurant in Glasgow,” she said.

The Calabash African Restaurant is a popular feature in Glasgow’s Union Street and is much loved by the city’s residents and visitors around the world.

The restaurant was founded by Elizabeth’s late husband Matthew Ndungu, known by many as Baba Nyax.

Baba Nyax died on August 18, 2022, at the age of 55.

He left Elizabeth, his children and his grandchildren the restaurant as his legacy

Baba Nyax made the Calabash Restaurant an authentic African restaurant for over a decade, he won praise and plaudits from food critics to food lovers.

The restaurant has also been featured on the popular Channel 4 show ‘Come Dine With Me: The Professionals.’

WoK previously reported on the story of Carol Waithera who started as a dishwasher to owned a successful restaurant in Germany.

Waithera decided to start her restaurant but she didn’t have the required capital.

She chose to approach a bank for a loan and was lucky she was considered.

Waithera’s business plan had a unique selling point. Its establishment would make it the only restaurant selling African dishes in Schermbeck.