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Billionaires And Multimillionaires Who Studied At Jamhuri High School

Jamhuri High School is an institution that excels both in extra-curriculum activities and in academics. The school is known to be among the top guns in secondary schools football.

The institution was incepted in 1906, initially going by the name Government Indian School. As the name goes, the school was exclusively an Indian institution.

In 1955, it was renamed Duke of Gluocester. After the dawn of independence, the institution adopted its current name.

Just like other old schools in Kenya, the Nairobi based school has produced many of Kenya’s most successful personalities in entrepreneurship, sports, academia and arts.

This article will take a look at the billionaires and multimillionaires who schooled at Jamhuri High School.

Shaka Kariuki

Shaka Kariuki. [Photo|https://www.theknowledgewarehouseke.com/top-25-most-impactful-chairs-of-boards-influencing-business-in-2023/]
They say no person climbs Abraham Marslow’s pyramid to the point of self-actualization but methinks there are people who are just a few points off this breakthrough.

Or maybe it is subjective because Transcentury chair Shaka Kariuki once appeared in an interview and said he rated himself 11 on a ‘happiness’ scale of 0 to 10. Shaka Kariuki has immense experience working in global finance and global private equity.

As a man who wears many hats, Kariuki has conquered Kenya’s corporate sector, and he’s now spreading his business nous to the larger Sub-saharan Africa.

He wears many hats. He is the Group Chair of Transcentury PLC and CEO of Kuramo Capital Limited; a company that has a portfolio estimated to be $ 500 million.

Additionally, he serves as the vice chair in both Platcorp Holdings and Sterling Capital Limited. The serial businessman sits in the Board of Directors of BYU Marriott School of Management (U.S) and has also invested in the biggest agribusiness company in DRC.

Kariuki studied at Jamhuri High School then proceeded to Brigham Young University for an undergraduate before matriculating at Harvard University for postgraduate studies.

As a young person, his parents laid a foundation for him to succeed in business by investing in treasury bills on his behalf. After his studies in the U.S, Kariuki served at Deseret Mutual Benefit Administrators (DMBA) as the Portfolio Manager of Global Private Equity Head of Fixed Income and Head of Emerging Markets across asset classes.

Vimal Shah

Vimal Shah is the CEO of Bidco Group; a company that has invested heavily in edible oils, animal feeds, laundry soaps and personal care  products.

The industrialist is the son of Bhimji Depar Shah whose networth puts him as the second richest man in Kenya.

He studied at Jamhuri High School then proceeded to United States International University (USIU) for a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Finance.

Unlike what many people imagine, Vimal Shah didn’t build his wealth through inheritance but he was part of Bidco from the scratch. As a family, they got capital through pooling and borrowing from friends and then ploughed back their profits.

Alfred Mutua

Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary (CS) Alfred Mutua has held various high echelon positions in Kenya’s civil service.

Mutua studied at Dagoretti High School for his ‘O’ levels before proceeding to Jamhuri High School for ‘A’ levels.

Alfred Mutua Biography, Age, Education, Family and Career
Former Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua Photo/Courtesy

He burst into the limelight when he served as the official Government Spokesperson during President Kibaki’s reign. Mutua then served as the Machakos Governor for two terms before being appointed to the current cabinet.

During the parliamentary vetting session, Mutua said he was worth a cool Ksh 420 million though Suna East MP Junet Mohammed believed the figure was an underestimation.

Johnson Mwakazi 

Mwakazi is also a product of Jamhuri High School. Many Kenyans came to know him during his tenure at Citizen TV when he was the Power Breakfast anchor.

Mwakazi in a past event [Photo|Courtesy]
After his exit from Citizen TV, Mwakazi got involved in personal investments and founded the Royal Voice International that is involved in publicity, event organization and mentorship.