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Bio Foods: Founder Of The Premium Dairy Products Company Dominating Kenyan Shelves

Bio Foods Products is a Kenyan company that specializes in premium dairy and food products including yoghurt, milk, cream, cheese and butter. The company has been in operation for more than three decades and has created a name for itself as a leader of high-quality dairy and food products in the Kenyan market.

Bio Foods founder

Bio Foods Products was founded by Zachariah Binoy, whose inspiration was sparked when he took  a very high-quality yoghurt while on a Swiss Air flight to Zurich from Nairobi. It was then that he decided to make a high quality, healthy and best tasting yogurt for Kenyans.

Building the supply chain

To navigate the Kenyan market and its unique products and offerings, Bio Foods built a partnership with local farmers to get the best quality raw fresh milk.

According to the company’s Manufacturing and Logistics Director Laban Kabiru, Bio works with a sizeable scale of farmers from all over the country. This way, the company has been able to see quality of milk from individual farmers improve.

Bio yoghurt

Bio Foods Products produces an expansive range of yogurts. Standard premium yogurts are available in different flavours including vanilla, peach, nature plain, tropical mix, berry cocktail, mango, and strawberry.

Bio’s yogurt range also includes Greek style yogurts, fruit on the bottom yogurts, and drinkable yogurts. The company also has a non-dairy yogurt made from coconut that took the market by storm when it launched last year.

Expanding stores

Today, the Bio brand is available in over 750 stores nationwide and in all major supermarkets including Naivas and Carrefour. Consumers in estates can also find their favorite yogurt or milk and now cheese in the retail shop close by.

Environment friendly

Bio has tried to cut its packaging footprint by using recyclable material to package all its products. The company is also pushing the agenda further down the value chain and has committed to encouraging its partners including farmers to adopt sustainable practices in order to create a carbon-neutral supply chain.

The company has also been actively encouraging consumers to support its sustainability initiatives by delivering their packaging back to their points of purchase for recycling.