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Bob Collymore Salary, Shares And Properties

Being at the helm of the largest and most profitable telcos in the region comes with a fat cheque. Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore ranks among the top five highest paid CEOs in Kenya. His tenure has seen Safaricom remain profitable in the face of unprecedented war prices by Airtel and Orange Kenya.

Data released by the Communications Authority mid this year showed Safaricom dominance largely remained undisturbed. According to the data, Safaricom market share marginally dropped to 67 per cent from 69.1 per cent. This is attributed to the giant telcos innovativeness-more so the mobile money transfer service M-Pesa.

Bob Collymore Joining Safaricom
Safaricom was synonymous with Michael Joseph. His exit in 2010 would always present a challenge to whoever was to succeed him. The bar had been set too high and whoever was to take the realms of leadership at the giant telcos had to measure up. The then little known Bob Collymore was ‘unveiled’ as the new CEO. He endeared himself to Kenyans with his easy charm and ensured Safaricom behemoth remained steady.

Salary at Safaricom
As stated elsewhere in this article, Bob Collymore tops the list of the highest paid CEOs in the country. He was the first CEO to declare his wealth; a rarity in a country where corner corner deals thrive. In 2015, Bob salary was pegged at kes9 million. The total for that year was kes109 million-including dividends and and interests.

Collymore’s salary in the year ending March 2017 grew to Kes168.5 million. It further went up by a margin of 16.6 per cent in the year ended March 2018 to hit kes196.5 million.

His basic salary was-kes94.32 million
Bonus-kes32.42 million
Vodafone UK share award-Kes34.09 million.
Other benefits accrued besides basic salary include:

“annual performance-based bonus and Vodafone Plc shares, residential accommodation, utility bills payment, children’s school fees and club membership…”

Properties Bob Collymore owns
Residential house in London worth kes54 million.

Net worth
His net worth-that is cash, properties and shares-amounts to about kes1 billion.