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Buy and Sell Online with Free Classified Ads 

By Kobia

Where do you go when you wish to sell a second-hand object from your home or a brand-new product from your business?

Undoubtedly, like millions of other people online, you also put-up various posts on social media channels and depend on your contacts to come through for a purchase.

Even though the method might seem to work temporarily, it has a disadvantage. It limits your reach. Every time you post something, the same set of people view the ad. After some time, people will likely lose interest and you will end up exhausting your leads.

But there’s another way to stay connected with the people in business. People who could offer you a chance to make money online in Kenya. Joining a free classified ads platform in Kenya will help you get a much wider reach, thus offering you greater chances of success.

Oxdes.com is an online Marketplace in Kenya that lets you operate your business from the comfort of your homes. Entrepreneurs can buy and sell online in kenya just by posting on the free classified ads platform and checking for lucrative offers that come their way.

Who Can Join Oxdes?

Any legal citizen above the age of 18 who is looking to make money online in Kenya can join oxdes.

Who Can Benefit from Oxdes?

Oxdes has various categories where you can buy and sell online in Kenya according to your needs.

Some of them are:

Vehicles – If you are looking to shop online for a second-hand car or bike, this section will show you all the nearby offers.

Property– If you are in real estate business or looking for something like Houses & Apartments For Rent, Houses & Apartments For Sale, Land & Plots for Rent, Land & Plots For Sale, Commercial Property, For Rent, Commercial Property For Sale, Event centers, Venues and Workstations, Short Rental

Services – If you are in the business of Casting, Model, Photographer, Carpooling, Moving, Furniture Guard, Destocking – Commercial, Industrial Equipment, Aesthetics, Hairstyling, Materials and Equipment Pro, Event Organization Services, Service Provision, Health, Beauty, Artisan, Troubleshooting, Handyman, Computing Services, Tourism and Travel Services, Translation, Writing, Construction – Renovation – Carpentry, Other services, Automotive Services, import/export or ship goods from other countries legally, you can post in this section for more bookings.

Agriculture and Farming – Here, you can sell fresh produce from your farms and other similar products related to agriculture.

Job Searchers – If you are looking for a job based on your skill or talent, you can post here for freelancing or part-time offers.

Properties – Real estate agents and house hunting people can check this platform to sell or rent/purchase property in their nearby area.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Oxdes?

Since Oxdes is the place where buyers and sellers meet, you will need a good promotion for your ads.

Below you can find 5 main benefits of posting your ads on Oxdes:

  1. Oxdes is the biggest marketplace in over 150 countries

Oxdes is classified with the largest number of visitors and ads posted.

  1. Oxdes has more clients than others

We get our visitors only from relevant sources like Google, yahoo and Facebook.

  1. Relevant promotion algorithms

We promote your ads only to those users who could be interested in your products. That gives you the biggest number of real clients.

  1. Personal Support

We have a dedicated support team who understands your needs very well and ensures customer satisfaction.

  1. Fair price for the services you get

You won’t pay any extra commissions.

There are multiple benefits of joining Oxdes. You spend nothing on marketing and earn profitable returns. So what are you waiting for? Join the platform now and expand your customer base. 

For more information please visit: Free buy and sell online