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Eddie Ndichu Biography, Education, Career, Family, Marriage and Scandal 

By Prudence Minayo

Eddie Ndichu is a CEO and co-founder of Wapi Pay, a Kenyan based fintech company with offices in Nairobi, Singapore and Tianjin. Wapi Pay provides payment gateway for African businesses to receive and send money from Asia via mobile money platforms and bank accounts. 


He has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Information Systems from Murdoch University, Australia. 


From 2011, he worked at Standard Chartered bank as the head of digital banking. His duties included providing regional wide strategic direction, guidance and leadership to the formulation and deployment in an integrated digital banking strategy. Mr. Ndichu is credited for designing and installing one of the first digital and movable pop up booths in Africa for sales and lead capture. 

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In December 2014, he began working with SEMA, a mobile virtual network operation in Kenya. While working for SEMA, he achieved business model conceptualization and construction, business case development and overall project management. 

He then worked as head of Digital Finance Services and Mobile Payments at the Kenya Commercial Bank. In this role, he was in charge of driving the bank’s digital strategy, product and business development of digital financial services to increase functionality. 

Eddie then got a job with Opera and served as the managing director and vice president for its fine tech in Africa.

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In 2019, he launched his own startup alongside his brother Paul Ndichu named Wapi Pay. 

Three years ago, together with Paul, he announced the launching of a project dubbed Double Option,DO2. 

“Introducing Double Option (DO2) #DO2 in science means the global delivery date of oxygen to tissue per minute. For us, it’s a new content platform to deliver simplicity and understanding through two points of view and perspectives that otherwise seem similar,” Eddie wrote. 

The show’s focus was on all areas of technology with a keen interest in financial services (FINTECH). He said the show world focus on three broad areas:

  • The journey of money and value. 
  • The evolution of technology and information.
  • The human story and their behavior. 

A local daily also reported recently that his company had been handed over Ksh200 million in seed capital to expand Wapi Pay. Eddie said the funds will help the company diversify their product range and drive growth. 


Eddie has a twin brother named Paul Ndichu. 


The businessman married Janet Mbugua in a lavish ceremony in 2015. They went on to have two children. Later, break up rumors emerged especially after Janet unfollowed him and edited her bio removing the word wife. 

She also appeared in a K24 interview with Betty Kyallo, where she advised people to ensure they are ready before deciding to get married. The two have never come out to publicly state they have gone their separate ways 

Altercation at Ole Sereni Hotel

Eddie and Paul have been outed for their uncouth behaviour. A man said they were attacked by Eddie and his brother at Ole Sereni Hotel. They allegedly tried to hit on his girlfriend and became aggressive after their advances were declined. The man said they attacked his girlfriend and her sister and even sent a video to Edgar Obare. 

A worker at the hotel also texted the tea master to collaborate on the story. She said the brothers continued to cause mayhem long after the people they assaulted had left. They called security and the cops. When the cops came, the two brothers said they knew the big fish and would sue the management.

Popular activist Boniface Mwangi also posted the allegations. 

Investors Pulling Out

Kepple African ventures announced the withdrawal of their ksh240 million investment that was meant for Wapi Pay. Kepple co-founder Takahiro Kanzaki and general partner Satoshi Shinada shared a statement on Twitter condemning the twins’ behavior. They said they have zero tolerance to such conducts and said they would relinquish all the rights of their investment stake on Wapi Pay. 

The Ndichus on the other hand released a statement saying the rumors are untrue

 They said they were trying to neutralize a confrontation between two women and defend themselves from aggressors. 

 “The matter has been reported to the police and DCI for further investigation and resolution. Pending this, we request restraint be exercised in potentially and unfairly spreading misinformation that has no factual basis,” they said. 

They went on to say their company is built on and practices a culture of respect for employees and does not tolerate gender based violence.