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HomenewsBuzeki Kiprop: Reasons Billionaire Fired 350 Employees From His Trucking Business

Buzeki Kiprop: Reasons Billionaire Fired 350 Employees From His Trucking Business

Businesses in Kenya are struggling due to heavy taxes introduced by the government. A number of companies are either closing shop, laying off employees or setting up shop in neighbouring countries. 

The cost of doing business has also gone up due to the astronomical increase in fuel prices. 

The billionaire took to twitter to share his frustration with the high cost of fuel that led his company to fire 350 staff. 

His tweet read:

The IT/ TECH companies that were operating PAYMENT systems were wiped off BY the GOK 222* platform. NOT spared either are TRUCK companies. We are DROPPING off  like flies due to increased costs on FUEL, which has made the industry UNPROFITABLE . We have sent 350 STAFF  home.I feel for our staff. Poleni Sana. Hii Serikali yetu haina masikio. Iko na mdomo tu!! Lakini msikate tamaa, wamesema mtapata nyumba ya SARE.Amina Amina !


Buzeki, whose name is derived from the first letters of his name Bundotich Zedekiah Kiprop (Bu-Ze-Ki), has a fleet of 400 trucks that are, according to their website, which are in ‘very good’ condition.

They transport loose cargo, containerized Cargo, bulk Cargo, contractual services, On adhoc/emergency services and Abnormal Cargo.

Political ambition

Buzeki unsuccessfully vied for the Uasin Gishu gubernatorial seat. He has been a fierce critic of President William Ruto led Kenya Kwanza administration.

Other companies that have fired their employees include Twiga Feeds, Copia Kenya, De La Rue, Unga Group among others.

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