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James Khwatenge: How Billionaire Harun Mwau Made His First Millions With His Special Skills

  • James Khwatenge is an ex-special officer who rans his YouTube channel with over 30k followers
  • He shared how Harun Mwai made his millions in the 70s

Billionaire Harun Mwau has been out of the limelight for years, but his name is never far away from Kenyans’ mouths. He is ranked among the richest individuals in the country. 

His source of wealth has, however, been a source of speculation, especially after he was implicated in drug dealing by the US government; allegations he profusely denied.

In another interesting twist, former special branch officer James Khwatenge shared how ‘The Boss’, as Harun Mwau is also known, made his first million. 

How Harun Mwau made is millions

According to Khwatenge, the former Kilome MP was a sharpshooter of enviable repute. In an interview on PlugTV, the ex-special force said wealthy Arabs would come to the country to legally hunt wild game as trophies. They would hire Harun Mwau for the job thanks to his marksmanship. 

In the 70s, the government banned game trophy trade in the country. The then Tourism and Wildlife Minister Mathews Joseph Ogutu said all licenses for hunting guns would be canceled and not allowed to enter the country. 


The oil boom in the Gulf countries gave rise to wealthy Arabs willing to go to any lengths for wild game trophies. 

“You would find a very rich Arab interested in the body part of a certain animal to keep as a souvenir like those found in polar areas. They would go, call him (Harun Mwau), to hunt those animals”, Khwatenge shared. 

Because the entry wound of a bullet is small while the exit is large, Harun had a way of shooting without showing the bullet wounds. This is how he made his first millions. 

He went on to add that if Harun, who was his trainer at Kiganjo when he was a recruit, made money through other illegal means he was not aware. 

Martial Arts

James Khwatenge praised his former trainer’s marksmanship, noting that he was so sharp that he could shoot a target with his face looking in the opposite direction. 

Mwau was also very good at martial arts.

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