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Captain Otoyo Biography, Age, Family, Education, Background, Career And  Scandal

Kazungu Matano, popularly known as Captain Otoyo, is a Kenyan comedian, actor and radio presenter. The comedian-like fine wine-has become a powerhouse in his trade after many years in the highly competitive laughter industry.

His journey to the top has not been a walk in the park. Like many others, he had to work hard and overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles to reach the pinnacle of his career. Patience and grit is what best defines Otoyo. 

Kenyans have watched him evolve over the years. From the time he appeared on Papa Shirandula on Citizen TV till now when he has grown to become a household name. This article takes you through the journey of Otoyo. 

Here is his story as told by WoK.


His age is not in the public domain.

Captain Otoyo Education And Early Life

He was not brought up in a wealthy family. Speaking during a performance at the Churchill Show, he explained some aspects of his life. The first time he wore underwear was when he joined high school.

“ I was a fair student because I wanted a bright future. I was among the best pupils in class eight. I did not wait until the results were out,” said the comedian. 

The presenter’s mother would make and sell illicit brew to the locals. Her children would keep watch so incase of a police raid. 

“We would whistle in a special way to alert the customers and our mum to hide the brew,” explained Kazungu.

However, one day luck ran out and the police and chief came around. They ran away and returned after a while thinking the police had given up but this was not the case. Their mother was bursted and had to admit she was in the illicit trade.

In her defence, she said she was doing it for the sake of her children. The Chief asked to know who Otoyo was and his mother fearfully pointed at him. The chief had chosen him because he was among the best students. 

“School fees was not available but the chief was so interesting. He was happy for me and so he organized a harambee with no politician or any big person. The villagers came together.

I am a community child. People brought their chicken, maize and so on. That is when I experienced barter trade. People auctioned their property,” added the witty man.

When it was time to attend high school, the Chief managed to get a bursary and the villagers bought many things including shoes and underwear, which he had never wore before.


Kazungu went to Nairobi to pursue a career in acting, a decision his mother was against. In a previous interview, with Lulu Hassan and Kanze Dena on Citizen TV, he revealed his mother wanted him to join the army and even talked to someone about it. However, Kazungu was determined to make it as an actor.

After going to Nairobi, he started at the Kenya National Theatre where he acted on set book plays and this is where he met Jalang’o. Together, they got a chance to take part in a local comedy called “Papa Shirandula.”

Their first time on set was a hit, viewers couldn’t help but fall in love with them. They even revealed in the interview with Citizen that they had vowed to give their best in the show.

They wanted a better life after all the struggles the duo had faced in the city. They aced it in their first performance and set the pace for many other appearances in the show, this established Otoyo as a household name in Kenya.

The funny man also got a chance to work as a radio presenter, a job he has done for over a decade. He first started at Milele FM before quitting and joining Radio Maisha. 

Kazungu Matano has also managed to appear on the Churchill show where he has performed on numerous occasions and managed to impress the audience.


In an article published by Tuko and a few other blogs in 2018 it was revealed that Otoyo had been fired from Radio Maisha over disciplinary issues. Apparently, he reported late to work even after several warnings. When Tuko reached him for a comment, he said he had not been fired and that the station was undergoing restructuring.

At one time, there were rumours that he was involved with popular news anchor, Mashirima Kapombe, but the two separated over infidelity. At the same time various blogs, including Ghafla which first published the story, revealed the comedian had allegedly impregnated a woman and refused to take responsibility.

When the woman arrived at his residence, she was ignored even as she saw the comedian leave with another woman. It was said the woman approached Ghafla for an expose because it was her final alternative. Despite all this, the popular personality still tries to keep his personal life private.

Captain Otoyo Children

The funnyman has a boy with Mashirima Kapombe and another child with a woman identified by gossip blog Mpasho as Liz Ngugi.

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