Caroline Kangogo’s ex-husband Richard Ng’eno Profile: Work And Troubled Marriage 

The manhunt for corporal Caroline Chemutai Kangogo ended on 16th July 2021 after she was found dead at her parents home. Police reported to the public that Caroline had fatally shot herself in the head but a section of Kenyans disputed the claims. Social media users said the scene of the said suicide looked too clean as an impact from the bullet should have caused blood to spatter over the walls. Others wondered why her legs were neatly crossed over the other yet the bullet’s impact would have sent her thudding to the floor. This has some speculating that she was killed and her body may have been planted on the scene. 

Suicide or not the death of Caroline, the firstborn in her family, leaves behind a lot of sorrow to those who loved her and knew her before she became a wanted woman. 

Caroline’s ex-husband Husband Profile

When Caroline killed two men, reports indicated her husband was the next target. According to the reports, she had threatened to ensure her husband suffered the same fate as the other two men she had killed. 

Caroline was married to Richard Kipkirui Ng’eno, a scroll commander in charge of Marine Unit at the Kenya Coast Guard. The unit was established to perform a number of functions of the Kenya police service in accordance to section 24 of the National police service act,2011. Some of the functions of the unit include:

  • Gathering and assessing information with regards to  security threats and exchanging the information with appropriate authorities.
  • Preventing unauthorized access to ships, ports facilities and other restricted areas.
  • Preventing the introduction of unauthorized weapons.

As a scroll commander to the unit, he holds a top position and is in charge of ensuring the Kenya coastal guard performs its duty effectively.

Marriage and Children.

Richard met Caroline Kangogo nearly a decade ago and the two formed a partnership. They were blessed with two children, one 11-year-old and the other an 8-year-old. According to what is said to be in Caroline’s suicide note, she said her marriage was not a happy one. The divorce made her inhumane and the constant accusation by those close to her that she was responsible for her failed marriage did nothing to improve her mental state. Thus, she slowly sank into depression. 

Some reports claimed that Ngeno has not been taking care of the children following their separation but others claimed otherwise. It is said that he picked up the children at Kasarani police station where they had been staying with their mother until she committed the alleged murders. He said the children were very saddened by the death of their mother and that they required time to mourn peacefully. He further added that he would speak more later when he traveled to Bomet. 

In what is said to be Caroline’s suicide note, she asked that her children be taken care of by her husband and that none of her assets should go to her estranged spouse, Richard Ng’eno.