Catherine Njeri: From Startup Capital Of Ksh4,000 To Making Upto Ksh2000 Profits Selling Crocs

Catherine Njeri: From A Start-up Capital Of Ksh4,000 To Making Upto Ksh2000 Profits Selling Crocs
Photo: Kate Vlogs (YouTube) and Facebook

By Prudence Minayo 

Crocs have become a household item in many homes around the country, fitting perfectly into people’s budget. In a feature on a local news outlet, Catherine Njeri explained why she got into the crocs business and the daily profits she made from this venture.

Here is her story as told by WoK.

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Starting the business

While looking for something to sell that was affordable and required less space, Catherine came across crocs. The businesslady was also looking for something that requires less capital and customers didn’t need to spend a lot to purchase. She said people do not like spending a lot of money.

I wanted to sell something that is not perishable. Besides, most of the time when you want to start a business, begin with something that is not capital intensive and would also be affordable for the buyer,” she said on her Youtube channel.

Njeri’s business started with a capital of Sh4000. She said with this business, one can make between Sh1,000 to Sh2,000 in a day. This makes it ideal for students or people looking for another alternative business that doesn’t require a lot of capital.

She started getting her crocs from a wholesale trader in Kamukunji, with the lowest size going for Sh90 and the highest for Sh180. She said crocs can give someone a hundred per cent profit. The key is to ensure you have a competitive advantage over the nearby shops by lowering the price even by a minimal amount.

Always ensure that you compete with the nearby sellers. Why would you sell only a pair for Ksh 200 when you can adjust the price to ksh 150 and sell 5 pairs?” She poses.

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Selling them

Crocs can be sold alongside other items and don’t require much in storage. They can be displayed in a laundry basket or spread outside when the sun is not too hot. If a shop has enough space, they can be exhibited outside with a flat raised structure to lure customers. The only thing the seller is required to do is to wash them when they and keep them clean. She also advises on the benefits of having  price tags clearly displayed.

This ensures that customers are coming to buy and are not just inquiring about the price.
Like any business, paying for various county governments licences will help in avoiding business distractions.

A busy person can also employ someone to sell them and pay them via commission. In this case, clear records need to be kept and communication with the employee is essential.

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