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George Kinoti Biography, Age, Background, Education, Career, Family & Awards

The Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) George Kinoti is the Kenyan version of the legendary former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) director J. Edgar...
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CEO Who Started Earning 6-Figures at Only 18 Years

Joseph Choge is the current CEO of Peptang. His achievements take us back to his life after high school which saw him earn a six-figure income at a tender age. 

He was running had a milk business and Joseph would take the milk to the market using a motorbike and the sales would be as high as Ksh 200,000. 

Such an amount of money was lucrative enough to lure the young man to decide not to join campus after high school. He was only 18 years then and didn’t know better.

His father was a military man who emphasized the need to be educated regardless of earning such an income.

Joseph obeyed and decided to pursue his love for Mathematics at the University of Nairobi. It was during this time that he met the love of his life and together they have four beautiful children. 

Joseph has achieved quite a lot in his life. He recalls working in Gabon for a period of 3 and a half years, even though the job had a toll on his family.

He missed seeing the milestones his children made when he was away. Being a family man made him vow never to pursue such a path again. 

He also describes himself as a leader who thinks more with the heart than the head. Even though he feels one should draw the line because some aspects in the business, especially when it comes to numbers, need a leader to think with their head. 

Firing people is hard for Joseph since he is a man full of empathy and he wishes employees can always do the right thing to avoid him making such tough decisions.

He mentions it is paramount to have a humane aspect when dealing with people even during a restructure when the numbers depict that change has to be done. 

In his line of work, Joseph has also mastered the importance of shifting between being the CEO at work and the husband and father figure to his children at home. Being an equal partner in his marriage is also important to him and he has known how to differentiate the two. 

Joseph is also a lover of big machines. He owns a 1,000 cc BMW motorcycle. Even though there are risks involved in riding this machine, he chooses it due to the thrill he has for motorcycles and the speed helps him get things done promptly. He also loves the prestige that comes with BMW machines.