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Best Courses For Students Who Scored Grade C, C-, D+, D And Below

With the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) results officially out, candidates who did not qualify to join university are wondering what the future holds.

However, it’s not the end of road for the rest for the majority of candidates who missed out on university slots.

The government is keen to ensure that no learner is left out.

The thought process among Kenyans is that a degree is what guarantees one a job is gradually changing thanks to the many tarmacking graduates.

There are marketable courses that those who scored C (plain) and below can still pursue.

In addition, we can start from as low as certificate and rise to become a degree holder with time.

Here are some courses one can attempt with a Grade C or below and still succeed in life.

Computer Repairs

If you love computers then this is the perfect course for you. Institutes such as Regional Centre Training Institute and Institute Advanced Technology (IAT) are some of the best in the country. Graduates from these institutions-and similar ones-are guaranteed repair jobs given the sheer numbers of people/institutions who own computers in the country.

Automotive Engineering 

Most of the mechanics out there learned their trade on the job. And this is what separates the very best mechanics with those who have perfected the art of trial and error. Automotive engineering involves design, manufacturing, modification and maintenance of an automobile of cars other transportation vehicles. This course is a sure bet for those keen on being self employed or keen on working for big auto companies.

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Building and construction

Building a house is an expensive affair. To join this course you only require D Plain and can advance to a degree.

Electrical and electronic engineering

A very attractive course that is worth checking out. One of the colleges worth checking out for this course is Nairobi Technical Training Institute.

Hospitality and Tourism

Although said to be amongst the hard-hit sectors at the moment, this remains among the best courses.

With a mean grade of C, many colleges are admitting the students for this Diploma course.

The smartest thing about it is that one can land an opportunity in tourism sector or even convert his place to an AirBnB and professional manage his place professionally.

Sales and Marketing

Various companies are looking for people who can market their products.

As such, taking such a course won’t be a bad idea. This equips you for the job market and also gives you knowledge on how to start and push your own products in the market.

Journalism & Mass Communication

This is also one of the courses which doesn’t require a degree to get started.

Some of the journalists we know today have a Diploma.

All one needs is to have a mean grade of C, and a C+ (plus) either in English or Kiswahili. The beauty with this course is that you can start your blog and make money out of it.


To become an administrator, you don’t have to hold a degree.

Many firms today are looking for people who they can trust with the management of the company.

Information Technology

You can start from the certificate level to the highest levels you can imagine. This is one of the courses that will always be marketable. You just have to be good at it.

Nutrition and Health

Many people today are in need of nutritional and health advice.

From health facilities to individuals, the places where nutritional experts are needed are so many.

This means that one can dive into the course with an aim of becoming a nutritional advisor.

Web and Graphic Design

Did you know that even with a D+ you could learn this course and become a sought-after person?

Today web creators and administrators are needed all over. Designers are also needed to help in decor and and designs.

Accounting and Finance

Various companies and business are in need of accountants to manage their finances.

You may not be surprised to find an accountant who holds no degree managing finances for degree holders and other learned people.

These are just but some courses parents and guardians can consider advising their children about.

Candidates need to be reminded that all is not lost, even if they didn’t excel as per their expectations to see them to universities.