Chief Justice-Designate Martha Koome Salary and Benefits

Martha Koome Biography, Background, Education, Career and Family 
Martha Koome Has Been Selected As The CJ By The JSC Image/Courtesy

Chief Justice-designate Martha Koome is set out to become the first female chief justice after the president submitted her name to the National Assembly for vetting.

Her story into legal practice is one of the most inspiring stories and she has about 33 years of experience in public service.

This has earned her massive accolades for her contribution and defense of the vulnerable.

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As the Chief Justice, Martha Koome shall be privileged to a gross monthly remuneration package of a Ksh900,000 basic salary which could shoot to Ksh 1,327,888 including allowances.


  1. Official residence: The Chief Justice shall be housed by the state and provided with attendants and commensurate home utilities.

  2. Security: The Chief Justice shall have a security detail as advised by the inspector of general of police.

  3. Official transport: JC Martha Koome shall be provided with an official means of transport for her travels.

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  4. Medical scheme: She shall also receive an annual medical cover provided for her, husband, and up to four of her children below twenty-five years of age. The cover is broken down as follows;

  • Inpatient – Kshs. 10 million.

  • Outpatient – Kshs. 300,000.

  • Maternity – Kshs. 150,000.

  • Dental – Kshs. 75,000.

  • Optical – Kshs. 75,000

Retirement benefits: In her retirement, the Chief Justice shall be eligible for pension benefits including;

  1. A monthly pension equal to eight percent of her previously earned salary as a Chief Justice.

  2. A lump-sum payment on retirement equal to a year’s salary of her office position.

  3. A saloon car with an engine not surpassing 2,000cc replaceable after every four years.

  4. A four-wheel-drive vehicle not exceeding 3,000cc replaceable after every four years.

  5. Fuel allowance equal to fifteen percent of her current monthly salary.

  6. Full hospital and medical cover providing for overseas and local treatment for her and her spouse.

Group life insurance: CJ Martha Koome shall be eligible for a cover whose value is equivalent to about three times her annual salary.


Group Personal Accident: She shall be also eligible for a Group Personal Accident cover whose value is equivalent to about three times her annual salary.


Car Loan and Mortgage Benefit: Following the thresholds set by the SRC, CJ Martha Koome shall be eligible for a car loan of about Kshs. 10 million and a Mortgage scheme of Ksh 35 million.


Special Judicial Duty Allowance: For additional special judicial responsibilities as per the JSC approved schedule, the Chief Justice shall be eligible to a maximum of Ksh 150,000.


Existing Extra Duty Allowance: This allowance shall cover extrajudicial duties rendered and shall be paid to the CJ at existing SRC rates.


Non-Practicing Allowance: CJ Martha Koome shall be illegible to a monthly non-practicing allowance of about Kshs. 13,500.


Daily Subsistence Allowance: Also known as foreign travel allowance, the Chief Justice shall be eligible for the allowance according to rates given by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission


Airtime: The Airtime costs shall be covered according to SRC rates.

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