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Christina Shusho: How Dreams Of Owning A House With A Swimming Pool Plunged Me Into Debts

Christina Shusho is a celebrated Tanzanian gospel artiste whose music influence transcends her home country. Her songs are rich in content and her vocal abilities are second to none.

The Nipe Macho hitmaker songs appeal to the older generation and millennials, a feat most young artists have failed to replicate. The award winning artist did not let her humble beginning define her future. 

She started out as a church cleaner and ended up being one of the most influential gospel musicians of our time.

Time and again she has visited Kenya to perform in concerts and also preach the word. She believes Kenyan music appeals more to the younger generation and most are in it for the fame.

However, there are those that genuinely praise God like Mercy Masika. The award winning artist says she is in the industry for the glory of God and not fame and money.

Here is her story as told by WoK.

Christina Shusho Age

She was born and raised in Kigoma, Tanzania. Her date of birth is 15th November 1977 as shared on various online sources.

Christina Shusho Education

She attended both primary and secondary school in Kigoma.

Music Career

The talented songstress started out as a church cleaner. While working at the church, she got a chance to join the church choir.

She dreamt of one day producing her own albums and becoming a popular gospel musician. Dreams are valid and often become a reality when people work hard to realize them and this is exactly what Christina did.

She released her first album “Kitu gani kinitenge na upendo wa Bwana” ( what can separate me from the love of God). This song was such a hit in her home country, Tanzania but was still not famous in other countries. 

The second and third albums titled “Unikumbuke” (Remember Me) and “Nipe Macho” (Give Me Eyes) were an instant hit in and outside the borders of Tanzania.

The message in the songs are deep, full of passion and emotion. “Unikumbuke” is like a prayer asking God to remember the nation, people, parents and youth. “Nipe Macho” is all about asking God to give the singer inner eyes that she may be able to see clearly. 

Christina Shusho has also done other collaborations with Kenyan artists. The most popular collaboration was with Ringtone (Alex Apoko), a controversial Kenyan musician with average abilities who had intention of ditching the gospel industry.

Apparently, the Tanzanian singer had been a fan of Ringtone for a long time but when news of his exit reached her she decided to reach out to him.

They ended up writing the “Tenda Wema Nenda Zako” lyrics together and the song was a massive success. The superb video quality and message spoke to thousands of people.

Christina Shusho Songs

  • Napenda
  • Unikumbuke
  • Nipe Macho
  • Akutendee nini
  • Mtetezi wangu
  • Hapo mwanzo
  • Nitayainua macho
  • Nataka nimuone Yesu
  • Mshukuru bwana
  • Wakuabudiwa
  • Ushiriki na Roho 
  • Ebenezer
  • Ongeza hatua zangu
  • Yote alimaliza
  • Tenda wema nenda zako
  • Mapito 
  • Nataka nikae
  • Mungu Uhimidiwe
  • Bado nakungoja
  • Territory
  • Pendo la Mungu
  • U mwema wakati wote
  • Mungu wa huruma
  • Hallelujah
  • Unaweza
  • Songa mbele
  • All I need
  • I’m gonna
  • Wastahili
  • All I need
  • Nina wimbo
  • Bwana utetenao

Performing in Political Rallies

Shusho vowed never to perform in a political rally as it may send wrong signals to her fans. She told Kenya SDE:

“I don’t mind my songs being used during various political rallies to reach out and touch the lives of many. That aside, I would not dare perform because it may appear like I am part of the campaign or perhaps supporting a particular party which is not a good character as a true Christian” 

Christina Shusho Businesses

Apart from music, the song writer is also a businesswoman. Most fans can definitely ascertain the fact that she has a chic fashion sense and is always spotted with a gorgeous hairstyle. The gospel artist owns a modeling agency in Tanzania.

Where she came from, people associated Christianity with shabby dressing styles. For her this is not the right thing since just because one is saved doesn’t mean they shouldn’t dress smartly.

Christina Shusho Investments

The singer recounted on her YouTube channel how she found herself knee-deep in debts after she purchased parcels of land between 2016 and 2018.

Shusho said her dream was to have a house that had a swimming pool in Mikocheni, Tanzania-and that’s how she ended in debts.

The artist got seller but the house was high above her budget. “I told her I couldn’t (afford it), so she showed me another place. That house was being occupied by a pastor..” 

“I spoke to the pastor’s wife and she said they were ready to leave. We spoke to the sellers and the amount that I had in my bank was exactly what they really wanted. I came with the money the following day in cash. I gave them and they gave me their papers.”

“When the pastor saw that, he thought I had money. My life changed from there. What I had, I used to give it to the pastor for the house to finish my debt. The system of my life totally changed. The pastor was really stubborn and at the time, I was not picking his calls” 

“I finished the payment and the pastor left. I wanted to rent the house out. That was in 2017. I looked for another plot and I purchased it. Between 2016 and 2018, I lived a life of paying debts. Debts of things that I didn’t know what I wanted to do with.

“He was pushing me. I found myself alone. I wanted to invest but I kept it a secret. It was a moment where I couldn’t go forward or behind. I wanted to sell the property but I thought who was going to buy in such an area? I felt like it was a shame”

For three years her life was a vicious cycle on repaying debts. She was not even able to contribute for weddings and at the time know one knew her situation.

“When I finished the debts, my income tripled,” she said.

Christina Shusho Family

The “Unikumbuke” singer was brought up in a Christian family. She grew up in church having enough knowledge of Christianity. However, she got saved at around the age of 15. 

She is also married to John, who is a pastor. John supports his wife’s ministry but is a private man who does not believe in courting the media attention. The couple is blessed with 3 children, two girls and a boy: Odesia Shusho, Hope Shusho and George Shusho.

A while ago, there were divorce rumors about the couple but the information proved to be untrue. Those were just stories created by people as the couple is still married.

Christina Shusho’s husband

The gospel artist went separate ways with her husband and proceeded to start a new church known as the Dreamer Centre

Speculation had been rife in Tanzania that she had left her matrimonial home. In response, the celebrated gospel artist said she was following God’s command.

“Ukweli ni kwamba ni assignment tu there is nothing different other than that. Ni assignment tu ambayo nimekuta Mungu amenipa kipindi hiki. Kwa hiyo lazima nitoke niende ku fulfill assignment,” Shusho told Nairobinews.