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Churches With The Best Architectural Designs In Kenya

In Kenya, a majority of citizens are Christians having adopted the practice from various colonialists who settled on their geographical locations in the early 19th century. Christianity doctrines were cemented by missionaries who also established various schools for formal education.

Through the years however, hundreds of denominations have been established as breakaways from main churches established by the whites.

Currently, the mushrooming of churches has been raising eyebrows even as these centers of worship seek to outshine one another through expensive music instruments, buses and architectural designs. This article will feature churches with picturesque designs.

Sacred Heart Cathedral Kericho

This church is of the Roman Catholic doctrine, with a masterpiece of a design that is one of its own. The church was constructed by Esteel Construction Limited as the main contractor but there were several local and international contractors who teamed up to put it up.

Churches With The Best Architectural Designs In Kenya
Inside the Sacred Heart Cathedral Kericho. [Photo|Courtesy]
The most magnificent part of this church that can accommodate more than 1000 congregants is its ceiling that is made of concrete arched frames with timber ribs running perpendicular to the frames. The church was consecrated in 2015.

CITAM, Kisumu

The church’s magnificent design creates a breathtaking view, with the entrance having towering 5 red pillars on each side. In between the pillars is a pointed glass decoration inscribed with CITAM’s emblem. The church is located on Aga Khan Road.

Churches With The Best Architectural Designs In Kenya
CITAM, Kisumu [Photo|Courtesy]
Don Bosco Catholic Church, Nairobi

It is located in Upper Hill, and was designed by Space and Systems Architects. Basically, it is an art composed of independent circular forms with conical roofs.

Churches With The Best Architectural Designs In Kenya

Sacred Heart Cathedral, Eldoret

The church is also of the Roman catholic doctrine and is located on the Eldoret – Nairobi road. Its summit is a design of a dove with open wings with a vertical extension that seems to symbolize David’s harp in the Bible.

Churches With The Best Architectural Designs In Kenya
Cathedral Church, Eldoret. Note the white projection on the roof that appears like a harp. [Photo|Courtesy]
All Saints Cathedral, Nairobi

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It is located in Nairobi CBD and was constructed in phases with the church taking 35 years before being completed in 1952. The design used to put it up is a vintage 17th century craft called British Gothic style that extensively uses pointed arches and stained glass. The church’s role in being a refuge centre during the fight for second liberation in Kenya makes it recognized as an important centre of heritage in Kenya.

Inside All Saints Cathedral. [Photo|Courtesy]
Jesus Celebration Centre, Bamburi

This church is the biggest glass built sanctuary in East Africa with a stadium like design design. According to their website, the church can accommodate up to 10000 people.

Photo: Nairobibuzz

Jubilee Christian Church

Under Rev. Allan and Kathy Kiuna, the church is located on Wangari Maathai road opposite Premier academy. It is designed to accommodate thousands of congregants because of its multiple floors.

Churches With The Best Architectural Designs In Kenya

Nairobi Chapel Ngong Road

It is located in Nairobi, and has a creative design composed of 4 rectangular segments merged together rather than the traditional linear design with most churches.

Churches With The Best Architectural Designs In Kenya

Winner’s Chapel, Nairobi

It is located on Likoni Road off Mombasa Road, Behind Airtel Building (Parkside Tower) Nairobi. The church is designed with a towering conical summit and part of the walls is built with glass.

Churches With The Best Architectural Designs In Kenya

Nairobi Central SDA Church-Maxwell

The Seventh Day Adventist was one of those churches that remained untouched with controversy until recently when worshippers were engaged in supremacy battle over who should be in control of one of the church. That aside, Maxwell is one of the best designed SDA church in Kenya.

Nairobi Central SDA Church-Maxwell Image/Courtesy