Classmates Actress June Mburu: From an Abandoned Mom at 19 to A Star Actress

Life is not always what we think it to be. All over the world, different people undergo different challenges on a daily basis, as matter of fact, hourly. However, the most important part of it all in life, is how you choose to lead your life, and how it all ends

In this article, WoK takes a journey through the life of Kenyan actress and content creator June Mburu.

The young mother recently shared a video on Tik Tok which went viral. In the video, she in a brief way told the challenges she has been through in life. The video attracted comments from fans and celebrities alike, who commended her for being a strong woman.

File image of actress and content creator June Mburu. |courtesy| June Mburu|
File image of actress and content creator June Mburu. |courtesy| June Mburu|

June is a cast member of award-winning KBC sitcom, classmates. She is also a content creator, sharing her craft through digital platforms including YouTube and Tik Tok.

She became a mother at the age of 19, but was abandoned by her son’s father. She has had to struggle in the bid to raise her son. Men exploited her vulnerability all in the name of trying to help.

WoK had an interview with Mburu and below is the story.

Who is June Mburu?

I’m a mother to a very handsome young man, an actress and content creator. I cuurently play the role of Mitchell on KBC sitcom, Classmate.

Talk to us about your home, parents and siblings?

I’m from Nyeri. However, I was raised in Murang’a and I also grew up in Thika.

I’m the firstborn in a family of three. I have two younger brothers.¬† My loving parents are very much alive.

When is your birthday?

I was born on June 23, 1995

Where is your current residence?

I currently live in Thika at Ngoingwa

Any side hustle, businesses?

Yes. I do online writing on the side (articles and transcripts). I also sell products through online shops.

File image of actress and content creator June Mburu. |courtesy| June Mburu|
File image of actress and content creator June Mburu. |courtesy| June Mburu|

Got Wheels? Which type? How many?

I have no wheels as of yet. I pray everyday for one.

Do you think your rise has been due to fate or determination?

I believe it is through determination. The (entertainment) industry needs hard work and resilience. There are times clients and producers refuse to pay,so you have to soldier on.

How many shows have you been part of as an actor?

I have played about 10 centrocinema roles, one on KTN and 2 on KBC. Currently I play Mitchelle on KBC’s Classmates.

Was acting always a goal for you? And how did your family react when you went for it?

I’ve loved acting since I was a little girl. I remember participating actively in church drama clubs. At the age of 9, I made people laugh during a play I acted as a Doctor, I was tiny. I even got a certificate for the skit.

One day I heard of a setbooks auditions advert on the radio, I went for it and got in. That is how my journey started. Since then I fell in love with acting.

My whole family is supportive. My mom has been my number one fan. She was so proud when she first saw me on TV.

In this day and age, digital platforms have proved to be a jackpot for actors and content creators, how are you taking advantage of the space?

I have made some money through online commercials. All of them are from other production houses and influencers. But I’m actively working on my social media presence, so I can also reap from the opportunities.

Have you been pranked before?

It’s hard to prank me but my Classmates colleagues got me. We were shooting for the show and my colleagues put flour in a glucose sachet. I wanted some glucose, so I scooped a huge amount. All that time, everyone was waiting on my reaction. It was so embarrassing.

What memorable experience can you recall out of your acting career?

When I was doing stage plays. This was actually when I knew I should pursue acting as a career. I played Mariam a character in the famous English literature setbook, The River Between, it was an emotional role.

During my third show, I played a scene on stage and then went back-stage. I peeped and could see everyone in the audience, both teachers and students crying. I was so shocked and amused at the same time. That remains the most indelible moment in my career to date.

Oh! Not forgetting the Stand up challenge I did that was reposted by several celebrities including Milly Chebby, Cartoon among others.

How do you plan to build on your career?

I’m planning on starting my own production company. I want to create content that inspires and also entertains.

Talk to me about your relation with your son? What are the challenges you endured together?

My son was a blessing in disguise. I was only nineteen when I became a mom. I took me fours years of pain and regrets to understood what God had done to my life.

Since I had him, my challenges became my strength and opportunities. My son is my purpose, he give me joy.

He is such a smart kid, so loving and full of life. He wakes up running to my room to tell me of how much he loves me. He teaches me all animation characters. He is the apple of my eyes.

What about your relationship with your son’s father? both previous and present?

His father disappeared when he realised I had conceived. My life became roller coaster. It was tough, I was a baby with a baby. There was no money, no job basically zero finances. I used to beg the father to at least buy us food.

The most important thing is that we made it through. I’m taking a day at a time. I can say, I’m blessed immensely.

What advice do you have for women out there that have been through/ currently undergoing what you went through?

It’s important for ladies especially teens to stay protected. If possible, stay away from intimacy until marriage. But if you find out you’re pregnant, no matter the situation, keep the child.

When you don’t have money or support, you have time. You can pay the price with time and patience.

What about the men putting women through such, what do you have for them?

Surprisingly, I don’t have anything against any man, even my son’s father. We can’t control what a number of irresponsible men are doing. You can’t force a sort of relationship, so we let them be.

Truth is, single mothers are struggling emotionally, financially and mentally. The least this deadbeats can do is to be present in their children’s lives. But if they don’t, we stand in their place head high.

A number of Kenyan actors have come out to openly reveal they are facing financial challenges, some have revealed they are broke, what do you think is the problem?

People expect artistes to be perfect, have the best things and live the best lives. This mounts pressure on us, so we tend to live beyond our means. In the end, this causes desperation and depression.

It’s okay to start small and then upgrade later when your finances are right.

How best should actors and comedians manage their resources for purposes of financial security?

Artistes should set their priorities straight. Save, invest, then spend.

Your parting shot…

You should never despair, keep your head up and one day it will all make sense.