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Comedian King Julius Biography, Real Name, Background and Education & Career

There is no shortage of content to watch on YouTube thanks to the many online comedians out there. When you think you’ve exhausted all of them, you discover another one, who is unique and talented in their own way.

King Julius is one very talented online comedian whose viral videos have kept Kenyans entertained during this unprecedented Covid-19 period. His comedy is refreshing, interesting and very relatable. His facial expressions and body movement when he is in the act is just on other level. 

Real Name 

His real name is Julius Ochieng.

Background and Education

He grew up in Highrise estate, Nairobi. The funny man comes from a family of 17 children. His father married two wives with his mother having 8 children and the other wife having nine children. 

The comedian is currently still an undergraduate student at Kenyatta University pursuing a course in film. Before this, he was pursuing architecture but dropped it and took up film, where his real passion lay.


Julius loved entertaining people and he started creating content way back in 2015. However, at the time he created content just to entertain people and had not really thought of it as a way to earn income. 

Comedian King Julius Biography, Real Name, Background and Education & Career
The comedian per excellence Image/Courtesy

In 2018, he felt the need to pursue his passion for comedy full time. Julius felt that he could do something more with his comedy. Teaming up with a group of friends who also loved comedy, they created Wololo TV. The name Wololo was inspired by the need to find something that is African yet at the same time memorable. A name that one is likely not to forget immediately after watching.

“The name was a game changer for us. Immediately after we changed the name, we started receiving requests from other creatives who wanted to partner with us, corporates started asking who are these you know… And personally, I loved the name because it was in line with our aim as a brand which was to create a huge impact…” he once said.

Since the launch of Wololo TV, they have released hundreds of funny clips and featured a lot of amazing talent. The clips are so relatable as they draw inspiration from day to day occurences. They look at issues in Kenya such as, girls being sent and ‘eating’ fare, sponsors among others. Their content, which is mainly skits and street trivia, has attracted the attention of so many Kenyans. 

The Wololo TV channel has more than 100,000 subscribers and over 150 videos. Some of the videos have close to a million views while others have hundreds of thousands views. Through their hard work and dedication, they have had a number of corporates and brands reach out to them for endorsements. 


Julius is also the face of Betsafe, a betting company that encourages people to bet safely. Teaming up with other content creators known as The Jacks ft Prince Mpedzisi, they came up with a very catchy ‘Free’ song to advertise the brand. The songs so inspirational as it encouraged people to pursue their dreams without giving up. The lyrics also encourage people to live a stress free life. So many people who watched it on YouTube were awed and impressed by the song and took to the comment section to express their feelings.

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