Cooking Oil Prices Hit Record High


A consumer would now part with KSh 1,116 to purchase a 3 liter of Rina cooking oil at Naivas supermarket as its prices continue to rise.

A liter of the same trades at KSh 400 while a 2 liter KSh 780 more than double cost of the commodity in May 2020.

On the other hand, a 10 liter of Fresh Fry cooking oil retails at KSh 3,307 while a 20 liter of the same brand trades at KSh 6,590 at Naivas and Carrefour Stores.

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Salit cooking oil sells at KSh 1,757 for 5 liters, KSh 3,273 for 10 liters, and KSh 6,522 shillings for 20 liters.

On the other hand, a 500g packet of milk now costs 60 shillings while a 400g of bread costs the same price at Naivas supermarket.

The sharp increase in food prices coupled with the failure of the much-expected long rains forced Kenya’s inflation for April to 6.47 percent.

As earlier, maize flour has hit a record high of KSh 148 for a two-kilogramme packet.

This is the highest price of maize flour to be ever released in the country with the rise being attributed to the high cost of maize which is also not readily available in the market.

The last time the maize flour was expensive was in 2017 when a two-killograme packet went for KSh 136.

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The spike in prices was as a result of a serious drought.

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