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Cost Of A Container House In Kenya And The Legal Requirements

ByLilian Anyango Opiyo

From the old days, people were building traditional houses or doing modern buildings for the financially endowed individuals. But today, people are rapidly embracing container houses in Kenya for homes and investment property.

You’d wonder the reason behind the sudden change. Container houses are a new phenomenon in Kenya. They are a cost-effective plan that incorporates style, affordability, and space in one steel package. 

Besides being economical, container houses are water-tight and remarkably spacious to suffix all your needs. But first, let’s dig deeper into knowing all the nitty-gritty when you want to own a container house.

How Much Does a Container House Cost?

Accessing a container requires that you either buy it locally from the dealership or ship it from abroad through the shipping companies. And, getting the total cost of a container depends on specific dynamics. Size, age, and condition are some of the determinants of the price of a container. 

The customizable features also influence the pricing per your liking, which may slightly increase the price point during a purchase. If you prefer shipping, the price may differ compared to when you want an already fabricated one. So, when you want to purchase one, go for an organization catering to your needs. 

Also, do not forget to factor in the following elements to arrive at the total cost:

  • Permits – Like other homeownership processes, acquiring a container house needs a specific permit. The subscription amount differs per location, so check on your locality’s regulations to know what amount you must pay. 
  • Site preparation – This is another thing to look into when calculating the cost. Installing a container house in a rocky terrain will be costlier compared to other backgrounds. Some sites may also require zero to minimal preparation when constructing a container house. 
  • Delivery – Transporting to a longer distance will cost more when installing a container house. So, this significantly increases the overall cost of setting up a container house. 
  • Stock availability – Since all the dealers also source for the containers overseas, prices will rise when there is decreased stock. This also happens vice-versa, so it’s good to know the ideal time. Purchasing a container when there is no shortage is ideal when you want to cut on cost. 

Having all these into consideration, you’ll have a rough estimate of the total cost to incur. In a nutshell, the average cost of a one-bedroomed container house is Kshs. 850,000, a two-bedroomed container goes for Kshs. 1,550,000, and a three-bedroomed one goes for Kshs. 1,800,000. 

When doing the overall cost, remember it’s inclusive of all other expenses. These include the rough estimate of the container, transportation logistics to the location, and other levies charged for successful completion of the activity. 

Legal Requirements

On the legal requirements of constructing a container house, you need to get authorization from the local councils and the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA). The two bodies are mandated to give rules that must be followed when setting up the house. You will be required to provide these documents alongside others:

  • Property ownership documents
  • Latest receipts for the land rates
  • Complete application for approval of the building permit

These may be some of the requirements that will be needed when wanting to have a container house. However, others may come in handy depending on your region, courtesy of the different county governments.