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GK Serkal: I Lived In A Mabati House For Seven Years So I Could Save To Build My Current Six Bedroom Multi-Million Mansion

GK Serkal is a Kenyan content creator and comedian whose channel has over 93k subscribers and over 500 videos. He makes humorous content centered around Luos and their lifestyle, depicting the stereotypes most people have towards them.

Here is his story as told by WoK,

Background and Education 

Born in Jerusalem, he attended Dr. Livingston Primary School before moving to Uchumi Day Academy. He then went to Gilgil High school before returning to Nairobi and taking up odd jobs. He worked at Ukwala Supermarket where he got the nickname GK.


Initially, he viewed YouTube as a music sharing app and nothing more. However, he slowly began putting out content on the platform in 2018. 

The person who was helping him shoot content was the same person responsible for TT comedian’s videos. One of the very first videos he did with TT was of him placing him at the edge of a motorcycle. 

When a concerned person asked why the kid was there he replied that they had just had a DNA test and he was not the father. 

At first, he did content speaking in various accents including Kikuyu but later decided to stick to the Luo accent. He realized those videos did well and stuck there. 


One of the challenges he faced was growing his channel and getting collaboration with big time YouTubers in the country. However, he understood that people require you to grow to a certain level before they can work with you. In a previous interview on Jalang’o TV, he also recounted that he was in a race against poverty not in competition with anyone. 


The married father of three diligently saved and made sacrifices so he could build his dream house. However, prior to building the house, he was living in a mabati (iron sheet) house. He said that after calculating the price of rent, he realized it was very expensive. He found no reason to impress people by living in a grand house where he paid a lot to the landlord. 

In an interview with Alex Madiba Show, he revealed that no one knew where he was living except 2Mbili. 

“I was living in a mabati house even when you guys knew me….people who knew me made fun of me that I was living in a mekebe house”, he told the show host. 

“When I left my house with my car nobody knew where I was staying other than 2Mbili”, the funny man shared. 

He stayed in the mabati house for seven years. “The plan was the money I could pay the landlord to let me save this money to buy a plot start building slowly slowly”, GK Serkal went on to add.